Friday, September 24, 2010

My 1st BLOGAVERSARY!!! and contest at the bottom (:

I'M A HORRIBLE BLOGGER! I missed by blogaversary by days! Granted, I was super busy, but that's no excuse for the truth: I forgot. I'm so so so so sorry, but I hope we can continue the festivities as planned (:

Ok, this was my first post ever:
I'm so not proud of that. Haha I was such a weird 12-year-old! And some of those shirts are hideous, in my humblr opinion. Wow.

I started this blog because I saw an article on my Yahoo homepage one year ago about that 13 year old style blogger, Tavi Gevinsen. I thought her blog was so cool, and I wanted to be just like her, so I set my little world: The Whatnot Melting Pot.
One year, an unsuccessful food blog, and numerous wrong layouts later, the Whatnot Melting Pot now has almost nothing to do with fashion, but is pretty much all about me. I've come this close to quitting more than once, but I'm really glad I didn't. I just wish I posted more!

In honor of my Blogaversay, I'm going to tell you a fact about me for every post I've made (: That's.... 103 little tidbits/anecdotes/quirks about yours truly :D

Haha this is going to take forever.
Here we go:

1. I've always wanted to dye my hair red.
2. I love alternative and indie bands like Neon Trees, The Script, A Rocket to the Moon, and The Ting Tings.
3. I can run a mile in eight minutes and thirty seconds.
4. I LOVE shoes, so much.
5. I keep a giant box of Nerds candy on my desk at all times in case of emergency.
6. I eat at least three Hershey's kisses every day (:
7. I have played soccer averagely for almost ten years (wow!)
8. On a Friday night, you'll most likely find me sitting on my bed, hunched over my laptop, obsessively checking the Polyvore homepage every five minutes (seconds).
9. I have major antisocial tendencies, and new people intimidate me.
10. I'm SO self-conscious.
11. The fanciest restaurant I've ever been to was an outdoor corner bistro in Paris that reeked of cigarette smoke and cost twenty-five dollars for dry pasta and a table for two, seating four, behind another table (coincidentally occupied by two chain-smoking twenty-somethings laughing and canoodling for half an hour).
12. I have seen waterfalls in a total of three countries, none of which, I believe, are America (Croatia, England, and Ireland).
13. I'm deathly afraid of large bugs, scary movies, clowns, and my cousin's mom.
14. Italian, Chinese, and Mexican foods are the greatest things ever.
15. I am involved in a love quadrilateral :3 unbeknownst to two of the points, of course (hahahaa!).
16. I currently have all A+s, except for one A- in Science :\
17. This one kid in my class is constantly trying to be better than me at something, but so far the only this he has succeeded at was with one grid puzzle.
18. I absolutely love Light & Fit strawberry yogurt (or any strawberry yogurt!). I add my own chocolate chips, though (:
19. I am the proud owner of a light-up light saber wand that I got at the amusement park.
20. I've been on every roller coaster at said amusement park, except for two.
21. I have only ever met one celebrity- Josh Hutcherson.
22. I recently wrote a poem about chips 'n' salsa :D
23. Math confuses me, but I get it every time in the end.
24. I collect rings, and own more than I'd be willing to count (I wear one almost every day :).
25. I get jealous really easily O.o
26. I hugged a vegetarian for charity today, and I also bought cookies for the cure at lunch.
27. My soccer ball's name is Viktor (he's German!).
28. My bangs are the worst part of soccer, besides the running.
29. I'm reading the Hunger Games, per my friends' recommendations, and so far I have not been disappointed (:
30. Degrassi, America's Next Top Model, Criminal Minds, and Pretty Little Liars are my favorite shows at the moment.
31. I'm a Catholic, and believe in God wholeheartedly.
32. I keep a journal.
33. Once, when I was a 1 or 2, I dumped a whole bowl of Cheerios on my bald little head.
34. I love animals that are land and water, like otters, seals, penguins, and polar bears.
35. The weirdest CD I own is a two-track Indian spiritual melody.
36. I only had my first Twinkie last Friday on our way back from a field trip. Some kid didn't want it, so four of us Twinkie virgins passed it around between us. I didn't love it.
37. I LOVE writing (:
38. I don't really like playing with dolls, put I love picking out their outfits and designing their rooms haha
39. I'm a big nerd.
40. I have read all seven Harry Potter books, and have seen all six movies (soon to be eight!).
41. I got glasses in first grade, but now I have contacts that never leave my eyes.
42. If inspiration strikes me while I'm falling asleep, I'll jump out of bed and write it down (last night I wrote a whole poem at 11:15pm when I was supposed to be sleeping.
43. I broke my right arm in first grade, and the picture day guy made me try to hide my cast behind my back. So in my picture there's just a little edge of a purple cast poking out from behind me.
44. I only own two trophies, one's my sister's, and the other is for candy league soccer.
45. "Hey There, Delilah" was the first song I ever memorized all the words to.
46. I have a very advanced vocabulary.
47. The most annoying thing ever is when there's a fly in a room and it keeps buzzing around. I hate that SO much!
48. I LOVE the Sorority Life game on Facebook. I have over 300 million dollars (:
49. I didn't have a thirteenth birthday party.
50. I really like toast (:
51. I eat Special K chocolatey drizzle bars before every soccer practice.
52. I like to dip pretzel sticks in light balsamic vinaigrette (: Mmmm, I'm so weird.
53. I have a 6 year old chihuahua named Sandy (:
54. I really like the words 'sizzle,' 'free,' and 'festive.'
55. I REALLY like free-verse poetry.
56. I have framed butterflies in my room, for some reason. My favorite is the blue bottle.
57. My favorite shape is a triangle.
58. I couldn't live without ponytail holders. If I'm not using one, it's around my wrist 24/7.
59. "I hate to break it to you, baby, but I'm not drowning."
60. I usually get things done quickly, but I do procrastinate a lot.
61. I love coloring, especially with crayons.
62. My sister and I spend hours cutting up magazines to be collaged later.
63. I got my first cell phone when I was 11, and have only had one more since.
64. If my brown hair isn't straightened, I refuse to wear it down.
65. The only floor length mirror in my room distorts you to make you skinnier. It gets annoying, but can also be really nice (:
66. I lahhhhhve Chicken Parmesan and steak.
67. My favorite fruit is a strawberry, but soft kiwi is a close second.
68. My favorite kind of cake is red velvet, but I like most kinds.
69. I've been to two concerts total: Pink ft. The Ting Tings, and Kings of Leon ft. The Whigs and The Black Keys.
70. My three favorite tee shirts are a green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tee, a black The Whigs concert tee with a lion on it, and my sister's old royal blue Hollister shirt.
71. I only subscribe to two magazines, American Girl (which I'll probably cancel) and GL.
72. I think Selena Gomez is really pretty.
73. I've seen every Twilight movie, read 21 pages of the first book, and have disliked all of it.
74. My eyes change from green to blue, but are usually green and I prefer it that way.
75. I bought a fortune cookie kit once and have yet to try out the recipes.
76. I have two bulletin boards filled with things that are important to me, like pictures of my family, tickets from super cool places/events, and postcards from places I love.
77. I have eighteen cousins on my mom's side, and one on my dad's.
78. My snuggie has clouds on it, and even has pockets (OMG, witchcraft!).
79. My room has two calendars, one of beautiful islands, and one of penguins.
80. Most of my furniture is from Pottery Barn.
81. My mom makes the BEST fried chicken in the world.
82. I couldn't get through a day of being a vegetarian.
83. Bagel and egg sandwiches are the best breakfast EVAH.
84. My favorite number is 5.
85. I really like grey t-shirts, but my other favorites are a light orange one from the best ice cream parlor is South Carolina, The Yum Yum Shop, a light blue one from Power of the Pen State last year, and my self-splatter-painted black tee from PoP also.
86. I really like video games, but I suck really badly at them. I really like to watch (:
87. I want to learn how to play my acoustic guitar one day, and I hope my roommate in college is awesome and knows how.
88. I write songs sometimes.
89. I don't play any instruments except my vocal chords, and even that isn't too great.
90. I can't dance, but I can hop up and down and wave my arms around.
91. My room is in desperate need of cleaning, but at least I can see the floor. Unlike my sister's...
92. I might be Ariel for Halloween this year, and last year I was the Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland)
93. Soccer is the only sport I've ever played, but I took tennis lessons a few years ago.
94. Once, I went fishing in the creek near my friend's house, and we got this big net and caught hundreds of tiny fish! We threw them all back, of course, but it was really fun!
95. Tostitos and Lays are my favorite chips (:
96. IKEA has the best hot dogs!!
97. I care a lot about what people think of me.
98. I like photography, but I'm not that good.
99. Pretzels make me think of autumn and road trips.
100. I love getting mail, but I never get any.
101. I'm very coordinated.
102. I have my ninja moments.
103. I REALLYYY want you to enter this contest (:

Yay! That took forever, but I had fun. 10 points to whoever read it all (:
Hahaa. So, as #103 said, i would really really appreciate it if you entered my little contest:

Breanne's Wonderful Writing Contest
Submit a piece of writing (poem, short story, etc.) to me through a post on your blog and I will pick a winners (:

1. It can't be too too long, but a page or two is fine.
2. It has to be submitted by October 20th. You can comment on this post with a link to your post.
3. It doesn't have to be about anything specific, just make it thought-provoking and engaging.
4. It can't be offensive or rude towards any specific person/group.

Grand Prize:
Two amazing customized pieces (header/background) from the lovely Kiki: ! And your blog url put in my info for a month or so :D

Second Place:
One of Kiki's customized pieces just for you (: Your choice of a header or a background!

Make sure to get your entries in my October 20th, and happy writing! It would be so great if you joined!

It's been a great year here on Blogger, and I *hope* there is another one on the way (: A huge thanks again to Kiki for volunteering to make prizes, and to Olive Tree for the background/header/buttons that have served me well for so many months (: And a GINORMOUS thank you to all of my amazing followers, new and old! I never thought I'd get any followers, and now I have 26 beautiful people reading my blog! THANK YOUUU! I love you guys, and I probably wouldn't have made it a year without you (: