Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 12

Date... Sunday, January 31, 2010
Starting time... 8:21 PM
Mood... annoyed and happy
Outside my window... I hear a train
I'm thinking... about why my computer can't paste into posts
I'm reading... HP7, Off-Color, and The Shakespeare Stealer
I'm listening to... myself typing
I'm wearing... teal MIAMI tee, blue chihuahua pants, and fuzzy pink booties
Yesterday, I... won 1st Place Team at Power of the Pen!!
I'm excited for... sleep. I love dreams.
I'm sad because... I don't want tomorrow to be Monday
I'm hungry for... a cookie
The song stuck inside my head is... Mamma Mia
I want... chocolate
I love... living
I loathe... not winning
This week, my goal is... to have a better memory
Did I meet last week's goal?... yes
Ending time... 8:27 PM

Honest Scrap Award!

Thank you, Kiki, for this cool award!

OK, so here are ten honest things about me:

I keep a notebook of cool quotes I find.

I have a slight crush on a nerd in my grade.

I don't have a favorite animal.

I can never finish a story.

I'm really self-conscious.

I always think I'm in love when I like someone.

I try not to put people into stereotypes, but often fail.

I hate my hair.

I'm going to Croatia this summer. :)

I hate it when my room gets cluttered, but I detest cleaning it.

And I give this award to:

Hannah from Aspire

Ivory Dancer from Another Once in Time

Maggie from Behind the Teen Scene

Emma from Summer Girl

The Trendy Fashionista

The Cornet Crazie from Treble Clef

Hannah from things to write on a neon post-it note

Sorry if you've already gotten it, and thanks again, Kiki!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 11 and News

Date... Saturday, January 23, 2010
Starting time... 7:22 PM
Mood... perplexed/tired
Outside my window... dark, reflecting my desk.
I'm thinking... about AquaNotes
I'm reading... Harry Potter 7 (finally!)
I'm listening to... Lady Gaga- Fame
I'm wearing... red reindeer pants, purple tie-dye tank, brown jacket
Yesterday, I... watched the Vampire Diaries with some very interesting people ;)
I'm excited for... sleeping
I'm sad because... my laptop is acting up
I'm hungry for... chili, but we don't have oyster crackers ):
The song stuck inside my head is... Lady Gaga- Money Honey
I want... to play Sims 2 and make a pregnant woman lol
I love... fashion and chihuahuas
I loathe... not having Hostess cupcakes
This week, my goal is... to embody Breanne. (aka- to be myself)
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yes
Ending time... 7:28 PM
I had a soccer game today, and we won 3-1. It was our first game of the indoor season and we did pretty well. But I didn't play my best, and I'm a little disappointed. One of the girls on the other team goes to my school and is friends with some of my teammates, so that was weird.
I really really want some red flats and I don't think I can sit still until I get them!! I found this stunning/killer/AMAZING shiny bright pair at H&M, but, just to torment me, they didn't have my size. I almost cried in the store.
Lastly, next Saturday is the official Power of the Pen writing competition! I'm soo excited! I think my team will do really well and I hope we win at least one award. I have a good feeling and am very confident. My short stories have been some of my groups best, but also some of the worst. I'm praying for us to do well and for nothing to go wrong, and I hope you'll wish us luck!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Teen Girls' Daybook Week 10

Date... Sunday, January 17, 2010
Starting time... 12:44 AM
Mood... tired and uncomfortable
Outside my window... the snow is melting in the darkness
I'm thinking... that I need to go to sleeeep
I'm reading... HP6
I'm listening to... an epic sword duel with historic commentary
I'm wearing... soccer pants, P!NK concert tee, and huge pink fuzzy booties
Yesterday, I... sat around all day and ate fried chicken
I'm excited for... tonight's dreams.
I'm sad because... I don't really want to go to my room
I'm hungry for... another cookie and some water
The song stuck inside my head is... the song from Lady and the Tramp in the spaghetti scene
I want... a more comfortable chair
I love... shopping *stares dreamily into the distance*
I loathe... my sister being asleep
This week, my goal is... to hang out with my sis more
Did I meet last week's goal?... yes!
Ending time... 12:49 AM

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nighttime Musings <(")

Here are some random things I wrote down in my notebook on Friday night. They don't make a lot of sense, but I loved them so, here they are!

Crying. The dark can do that to a person. If I just curl up, and close my eyes, and tell myself I'm sad for just a moment, I'll feel as if life isn't worth living anymore.
Then I think of love, and color, of lives, the world and the sky, music, and, dare I say it, myself. Then, in a swirl of brightness and beautiful, glorious sound, I am once again a child, being born again out of possibilities and hope, a new dawn and a new person. And then I fall asleep, only to wake up just another 12 year old.

It is better to cry with someone than to cry alone.
It is good to hug someone, even if no one hugs back.
Let it OUT.

Teen Girls' Daybook Week 9

{The picture wasn't working ): }

Date... Sunday, January 10, 2010
Starting time... 7:24 PM
Mood... impartial
Outside my window... it is vert dark and snowy.
I'm thinking... about an MLIA i need to post
I'm reading... HP6
I'm listening to... HP3 the movie. "Mischeif Managed!"
I'm wearing... pink and orange peace pants and an old soccer camp tee shirt
Yesterday, I... stayed up until 1 am playing JumpStart First Grade. i like where my life is.
I'm excited for... the new sidebar stuff that Cornet Crazie made!
I'm sad because... my aunt's funeral is on the day and time of the geography bee.
I'm hungry for... chocolate chip cookies made by my mom
The song stuck inside my head is... the Harry Potter theme
I want... to be left alone tonight
I love... my followers (:
I loathe... my slow slow computer
This week, my goal is... to have fun and follow through
Did I meet last week's goal?... not nessessarily... *smiles slyly*
Ending time... 7:30 PM

{my signature isn't working either}

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some things don't deserve a title. This apparently isn't one of them.

Tomorrow will be the best day of my life. I promise.

I have so much to say, and I'll explode if I don't say it all. But that just isn't possible; there is too much. And I can't put it into words. Not even the greatest writer could make it feasible. Not even the fastest typer could get it all down in less than a lifetime. If I laugh, I'll cry. If I cry, I'll never stop.

Small things.
I'm in my school's geography bee. Yaaayyy, I guess. I don't like crowds, speaking in front of crowds, or having people stare at me. But I need to do this.
Next, I'm going to the Power of the Pen writing competition on February 5th representing my school with some of my friends. It was originally scheduled for yesterday, January 7, but due to snow and stuff it got rescheduled for today. Guess what? Even more snow. It snowed for 24 hours, as I recall. Anyway, now it's in February.
Yesterday was a snow day, and I went sledding with my two best friends. AT NIGHT. It was amazing and so much fun. Then we went to Skyline, which was cool because one of my bff's step dad is the manager/owner or something. And it was empty. The whole night was great, except I hurt my butt hitting a piece (chunk!) of ice. Ouch.

Also, some bigger news, my father's aunt, whom I call Aunt Sadie, passed away today around 5 o'clock. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and has been having ups and downs. She was having one of her worse days, and me and my sister got a call shortly after getting home from school. I tried to go on with what I was doing, and I know that was awful of me, but I couldn't cope if I let myself succumb to the grief. It doesn't seem real that there is now one less life in my world, one less person for me to love.

I'm having a romance movie marathon. It's making me feel warm, fuzzy, and depressed. But... good? I can't express how much I love movies.

P.S. I love you.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Teen Girls' Daybook Week 8

Date... Sunday, January 3, 2010
Starting time... 11:06 AM
Mood... tired and annoyed
Outside my window... the creek is frozen!
I'm thinking... about my mom
I'm reading... HP6
I'm listening to... the faucet running
I'm wearing... aeropostale night monkey pj's and brown aero jacket
Yesterday, I... watched Gone With the Wind
I'm excited for... our new Sims game
I'm sad because... I have to go to school tomorrow and get bottom braces
I'm hungry for... chocolate pancakes
The song stuck inside my head is... "I wanna make love right now, now, now!"
I want... pancakes
I love... my new Delia's comforter
I loathe... the word 'ajar'
This week, my goal is... to not be so addicted to the Internet
Did I meet last week's goal?... yes, as best as i could.
Ending time... 11:11 AM (make a wish)