Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 11 and News

Date... Saturday, January 23, 2010
Starting time... 7:22 PM
Mood... perplexed/tired
Outside my window... dark, reflecting my desk.
I'm thinking... about AquaNotes
I'm reading... Harry Potter 7 (finally!)
I'm listening to... Lady Gaga- Fame
I'm wearing... red reindeer pants, purple tie-dye tank, brown jacket
Yesterday, I... watched the Vampire Diaries with some very interesting people ;)
I'm excited for... sleeping
I'm sad because... my laptop is acting up
I'm hungry for... chili, but we don't have oyster crackers ):
The song stuck inside my head is... Lady Gaga- Money Honey
I want... to play Sims 2 and make a pregnant woman lol
I love... fashion and chihuahuas
I loathe... not having Hostess cupcakes
This week, my goal is... to embody Breanne. (aka- to be myself)
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yes
Ending time... 7:28 PM
I had a soccer game today, and we won 3-1. It was our first game of the indoor season and we did pretty well. But I didn't play my best, and I'm a little disappointed. One of the girls on the other team goes to my school and is friends with some of my teammates, so that was weird.
I really really want some red flats and I don't think I can sit still until I get them!! I found this stunning/killer/AMAZING shiny bright pair at H&M, but, just to torment me, they didn't have my size. I almost cried in the store.
Lastly, next Saturday is the official Power of the Pen writing competition! I'm soo excited! I think my team will do really well and I hope we win at least one award. I have a good feeling and am very confident. My short stories have been some of my groups best, but also some of the worst. I'm praying for us to do well and for nothing to go wrong, and I hope you'll wish us luck!


  1. I love your blog! I think we may have a lot in common.


  2. I awarded you with the Honest Scrap... its on my blog. =P