Sunday, January 31, 2010

Honest Scrap Award!

Thank you, Kiki, for this cool award!

OK, so here are ten honest things about me:

I keep a notebook of cool quotes I find.

I have a slight crush on a nerd in my grade.

I don't have a favorite animal.

I can never finish a story.

I'm really self-conscious.

I always think I'm in love when I like someone.

I try not to put people into stereotypes, but often fail.

I hate my hair.

I'm going to Croatia this summer. :)

I hate it when my room gets cluttered, but I detest cleaning it.

And I give this award to:

Hannah from Aspire

Ivory Dancer from Another Once in Time

Maggie from Behind the Teen Scene

Emma from Summer Girl

The Trendy Fashionista

The Cornet Crazie from Treble Clef

Hannah from things to write on a neon post-it note

Sorry if you've already gotten it, and thanks again, Kiki!


  1. Cool award, and congrats! Hey, how do you give people awards? just find a button thing and say "here you go you've won"? cuz i might want to do that...... sounds fun!

  2. thats exactly how to give awards. you just have to pick anyone who fits the award to win! you can also list some random facts about yourself, I've seen that done a lot. :) hope I helped!