Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gmail App

does anyone else think its really helpful that they got an application for gmail so you can update your blog from gmail? i find this handy because i dont always have to have my blog open (my parents dont know i have it :). im using it right now! plus, it saves lots of time (you dont have to sign in all the time). all in all, i will be using this ALOT. i havent used an app this much since i started playing sorority life on facebook! keep up the good work, google!

sweater mania

sooooo excited!!! i got my very own, very expensive boyfriend sweater! its charcoal gray, $85, and from a fabu store in chicago called aritzia. i wouldnt have gotten it because its a little pricey, but thank god my mommy loves me :) and my 15 year old sister got this ivory sweater that can be worn UPSIDE DOWN! it is amazing. its like 2 sweaters in 1. maybe thats why it was $89... anyway, i cant wait to get my puppy back from the kennel! shes been in that hole 4 days since we left ): they werent open today because its sunday so we will ahve to get her tomorrow. i will be so lonely tonight seeing as she sleeps in my bedl ike a little hot coal by my feetsies (:

stupid popup ads for moving screensavers. WHEN WILL YOU REALIZE THAT I DONT CARE?!!


the concert was AMAZING. it was my first one and now i really want to go to more! all the time driving to chicago gave me a chance to work on my books, chronicles of a papish child and my one about fairies thats name escapes me. exerpts later after i go get my notebooks. they're Ahhhhllll the way upstairs. fail. why does the only computer i have access to have to be in a basement?! whatever, i have a soccer game tomorrow. kicking butt! we're undefeated anyway, so we'll see. gym tomorrow, we are playing football, and im soo excited because my crush is on my team :) but also, sadly, the other 2 girls on my team are the biggest flirts you have ever seen and they happen to be better friends with my crush than i am. frown. i should murdle them...

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello! I'm going to Chicago this weekend for the Pink/Ting Tings concert this weekend! Soo excited! probably won't blog until Sunday, and i'll tell you all about it! il even post photos and do an extra-special fashion review. of the concert outfits!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Power of the Pen

I'm in this after school writing class called power of the pen. what is a hobby that is underappreciated (ie. puppetry) that people dont usually write about? ps. NOT puppetry! (maggie!).
not: art, writing, dancing, singing... not common things

Fashion Review of the Day

In: spaghetti strap tanks/camis over knit tanks, boyfriend sweaters, and bubble skirt dresses.
Out: pleated ANYTHING, Gogurt (it attacked me today), and leather (eiuhhh!)

forever 21

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fashion Review of the Day

Todays fashioin alert: In- plaid boyish tops (see pic for details), simple black dresses with colorful, bold accessories, cute flats. Out- long flowy skirts in icky colors (ie. brown [mrs h!]), and animal print clothing (accessories are an exception
delia's, delia's, forever 21, delia's

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


haha my last post did not work out! anyywayy, im spinning in my spinny desk chair, and i'm pretty bored. has anyone ever noticed that the show phineas and ferb is really lame and annoying? but its the only show EVER on!! goshh, well i guess i could watch iCarly... and in approximently 13 minutes, true jackson vp comes on! my guilty pleasure... you, internet, are the only one who knows i like it... :) SHHH!!
so today i discovered me and steven (mah frenndd) have like a TON in common! usually the only time we ever talk is during class or in the hall (i count my friends generously!) but in science we were playing with the toads and we have alot in common. we both read harry potter (im on number 1, but whatevs!), we love toads (shock!), and we like true jackson (he doesnt know that), and lots of other things. how can i get us to be real friends? i dunno.... hmmmm......

My Latest Photographic Miracle

<--- this is why i take pictures; for the one time i get one that inspires me and makes me feel good about what i do. i really like modeling too, so i set a timer on my camera and put it on a stool and posed with my chihuahua sandyy. see, i really wanted a boy doggy to name him sanders, but, well shes a girl. i was also eating pretzels, hence the paper plate on the green ikea stool. i love stools

Fashion Review of the Day

Hey ya'll, here's todays fashion alert: In: flowy floral tops with denim jeans, highwasted bottoms, or denim skirts. Also, ruffled collars and braided belts. Out: loose, lowcut tops in bold solids. V-neck tees are the only exception; but not too low!

Forever 21 Delia's Forever 21