Sunday, September 27, 2009

sweater mania

sooooo excited!!! i got my very own, very expensive boyfriend sweater! its charcoal gray, $85, and from a fabu store in chicago called aritzia. i wouldnt have gotten it because its a little pricey, but thank god my mommy loves me :) and my 15 year old sister got this ivory sweater that can be worn UPSIDE DOWN! it is amazing. its like 2 sweaters in 1. maybe thats why it was $89... anyway, i cant wait to get my puppy back from the kennel! shes been in that hole 4 days since we left ): they werent open today because its sunday so we will ahve to get her tomorrow. i will be so lonely tonight seeing as she sleeps in my bedl ike a little hot coal by my feetsies (:

stupid popup ads for moving screensavers. WHEN WILL YOU REALIZE THAT I DONT CARE?!!

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