Tuesday, September 22, 2009


haha my last post did not work out! anyywayy, im spinning in my spinny desk chair, and i'm pretty bored. has anyone ever noticed that the show phineas and ferb is really lame and annoying? but its the only show EVER on!! goshh, well i guess i could watch iCarly... and in approximently 13 minutes, true jackson vp comes on! my guilty pleasure... you, internet, are the only one who knows i like it... :) SHHH!!
so today i discovered me and steven (mah frenndd) have like a TON in common! usually the only time we ever talk is during class or in the hall (i count my friends generously!) but in science we were playing with the toads and we have alot in common. we both read harry potter (im on number 1, but whatevs!), we love toads (shock!), and we like true jackson (he doesnt know that), and lots of other things. how can i get us to be real friends? i dunno.... hmmmm......

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