Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh my God, oh my God, you guys (:

Hellooo (:
Sorry I haven't been on since my blogaversay :( I've been busy with all my new and challenging eighth grade homework.
Yeah. So, I'm going to visit my cousins up North this weekend, and I have a 'friend in town,' if you catch my drift, so it's gonna be difficult :P But it's ok, because we're going shopping! Huzzahh (:
I'm getting good at football in gym! I finally figured out the scoring system, have pulled lots of flags, and I've been scoring first downs almost every game! :DDDD Ahhhh (: Someone on my team said I was the best player on our team (: And everyone playing in the other game cheers for me when I'm running the whole field for a first down.
Meghan was right, everyone likes me.

I read Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson, and IT WAS SO GOOD. I mean, it's from a teenage guy's point of view, so there were some... strange parts. But I literally could not put it down! My grade has to read two hours a week for part of our Literature grade, and so far this week I've read almost four hours (: And I still have all weekend. Anyway, I totally recommend this book if you can handle mature situations. I'm so depressed that I finished it ):
Now I HAVE to go buy the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. I finished the Hunger Games a few weeks ago, but my teacher's library didn't have Catching Fire and I haven't gone to the bookstore in forever. I need to go asap, and possibly buy my own copy of Twisted. Possibly.

I guess that's all for today. If you have a Polyvore and care enough to get a semi-daily update, add me here: (:

I'll probably extend the deadline, but enter soon!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My 1st BLOGAVERSARY!!! and contest at the bottom (:

I'M A HORRIBLE BLOGGER! I missed by blogaversary by days! Granted, I was super busy, but that's no excuse for the truth: I forgot. I'm so so so so sorry, but I hope we can continue the festivities as planned (:

Ok, this was my first post ever:
I'm so not proud of that. Haha I was such a weird 12-year-old! And some of those shirts are hideous, in my humblr opinion. Wow.

I started this blog because I saw an article on my Yahoo homepage one year ago about that 13 year old style blogger, Tavi Gevinsen. I thought her blog was so cool, and I wanted to be just like her, so I set my little world: The Whatnot Melting Pot.
One year, an unsuccessful food blog, and numerous wrong layouts later, the Whatnot Melting Pot now has almost nothing to do with fashion, but is pretty much all about me. I've come this close to quitting more than once, but I'm really glad I didn't. I just wish I posted more!

In honor of my Blogaversay, I'm going to tell you a fact about me for every post I've made (: That's.... 103 little tidbits/anecdotes/quirks about yours truly :D

Haha this is going to take forever.
Here we go:

1. I've always wanted to dye my hair red.
2. I love alternative and indie bands like Neon Trees, The Script, A Rocket to the Moon, and The Ting Tings.
3. I can run a mile in eight minutes and thirty seconds.
4. I LOVE shoes, so much.
5. I keep a giant box of Nerds candy on my desk at all times in case of emergency.
6. I eat at least three Hershey's kisses every day (:
7. I have played soccer averagely for almost ten years (wow!)
8. On a Friday night, you'll most likely find me sitting on my bed, hunched over my laptop, obsessively checking the Polyvore homepage every five minutes (seconds).
9. I have major antisocial tendencies, and new people intimidate me.
10. I'm SO self-conscious.
11. The fanciest restaurant I've ever been to was an outdoor corner bistro in Paris that reeked of cigarette smoke and cost twenty-five dollars for dry pasta and a table for two, seating four, behind another table (coincidentally occupied by two chain-smoking twenty-somethings laughing and canoodling for half an hour).
12. I have seen waterfalls in a total of three countries, none of which, I believe, are America (Croatia, England, and Ireland).
13. I'm deathly afraid of large bugs, scary movies, clowns, and my cousin's mom.
14. Italian, Chinese, and Mexican foods are the greatest things ever.
15. I am involved in a love quadrilateral :3 unbeknownst to two of the points, of course (hahahaa!).
16. I currently have all A+s, except for one A- in Science :\
17. This one kid in my class is constantly trying to be better than me at something, but so far the only this he has succeeded at was with one grid puzzle.
18. I absolutely love Light & Fit strawberry yogurt (or any strawberry yogurt!). I add my own chocolate chips, though (:
19. I am the proud owner of a light-up light saber wand that I got at the amusement park.
20. I've been on every roller coaster at said amusement park, except for two.
21. I have only ever met one celebrity- Josh Hutcherson.
22. I recently wrote a poem about chips 'n' salsa :D
23. Math confuses me, but I get it every time in the end.
24. I collect rings, and own more than I'd be willing to count (I wear one almost every day :).
25. I get jealous really easily O.o
26. I hugged a vegetarian for charity today, and I also bought cookies for the cure at lunch.
27. My soccer ball's name is Viktor (he's German!).
28. My bangs are the worst part of soccer, besides the running.
29. I'm reading the Hunger Games, per my friends' recommendations, and so far I have not been disappointed (:
30. Degrassi, America's Next Top Model, Criminal Minds, and Pretty Little Liars are my favorite shows at the moment.
31. I'm a Catholic, and believe in God wholeheartedly.
32. I keep a journal.
33. Once, when I was a 1 or 2, I dumped a whole bowl of Cheerios on my bald little head.
34. I love animals that are land and water, like otters, seals, penguins, and polar bears.
35. The weirdest CD I own is a two-track Indian spiritual melody.
36. I only had my first Twinkie last Friday on our way back from a field trip. Some kid didn't want it, so four of us Twinkie virgins passed it around between us. I didn't love it.
37. I LOVE writing (:
38. I don't really like playing with dolls, put I love picking out their outfits and designing their rooms haha
39. I'm a big nerd.
40. I have read all seven Harry Potter books, and have seen all six movies (soon to be eight!).
41. I got glasses in first grade, but now I have contacts that never leave my eyes.
42. If inspiration strikes me while I'm falling asleep, I'll jump out of bed and write it down (last night I wrote a whole poem at 11:15pm when I was supposed to be sleeping.
43. I broke my right arm in first grade, and the picture day guy made me try to hide my cast behind my back. So in my picture there's just a little edge of a purple cast poking out from behind me.
44. I only own two trophies, one's my sister's, and the other is for candy league soccer.
45. "Hey There, Delilah" was the first song I ever memorized all the words to.
46. I have a very advanced vocabulary.
47. The most annoying thing ever is when there's a fly in a room and it keeps buzzing around. I hate that SO much!
48. I LOVE the Sorority Life game on Facebook. I have over 300 million dollars (:
49. I didn't have a thirteenth birthday party.
50. I really like toast (:
51. I eat Special K chocolatey drizzle bars before every soccer practice.
52. I like to dip pretzel sticks in light balsamic vinaigrette (: Mmmm, I'm so weird.
53. I have a 6 year old chihuahua named Sandy (:
54. I really like the words 'sizzle,' 'free,' and 'festive.'
55. I REALLY like free-verse poetry.
56. I have framed butterflies in my room, for some reason. My favorite is the blue bottle.
57. My favorite shape is a triangle.
58. I couldn't live without ponytail holders. If I'm not using one, it's around my wrist 24/7.
59. "I hate to break it to you, baby, but I'm not drowning."
60. I usually get things done quickly, but I do procrastinate a lot.
61. I love coloring, especially with crayons.
62. My sister and I spend hours cutting up magazines to be collaged later.
63. I got my first cell phone when I was 11, and have only had one more since.
64. If my brown hair isn't straightened, I refuse to wear it down.
65. The only floor length mirror in my room distorts you to make you skinnier. It gets annoying, but can also be really nice (:
66. I lahhhhhve Chicken Parmesan and steak.
67. My favorite fruit is a strawberry, but soft kiwi is a close second.
68. My favorite kind of cake is red velvet, but I like most kinds.
69. I've been to two concerts total: Pink ft. The Ting Tings, and Kings of Leon ft. The Whigs and The Black Keys.
70. My three favorite tee shirts are a green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tee, a black The Whigs concert tee with a lion on it, and my sister's old royal blue Hollister shirt.
71. I only subscribe to two magazines, American Girl (which I'll probably cancel) and GL.
72. I think Selena Gomez is really pretty.
73. I've seen every Twilight movie, read 21 pages of the first book, and have disliked all of it.
74. My eyes change from green to blue, but are usually green and I prefer it that way.
75. I bought a fortune cookie kit once and have yet to try out the recipes.
76. I have two bulletin boards filled with things that are important to me, like pictures of my family, tickets from super cool places/events, and postcards from places I love.
77. I have eighteen cousins on my mom's side, and one on my dad's.
78. My snuggie has clouds on it, and even has pockets (OMG, witchcraft!).
79. My room has two calendars, one of beautiful islands, and one of penguins.
80. Most of my furniture is from Pottery Barn.
81. My mom makes the BEST fried chicken in the world.
82. I couldn't get through a day of being a vegetarian.
83. Bagel and egg sandwiches are the best breakfast EVAH.
84. My favorite number is 5.
85. I really like grey t-shirts, but my other favorites are a light orange one from the best ice cream parlor is South Carolina, The Yum Yum Shop, a light blue one from Power of the Pen State last year, and my self-splatter-painted black tee from PoP also.
86. I really like video games, but I suck really badly at them. I really like to watch (:
87. I want to learn how to play my acoustic guitar one day, and I hope my roommate in college is awesome and knows how.
88. I write songs sometimes.
89. I don't play any instruments except my vocal chords, and even that isn't too great.
90. I can't dance, but I can hop up and down and wave my arms around.
91. My room is in desperate need of cleaning, but at least I can see the floor. Unlike my sister's...
92. I might be Ariel for Halloween this year, and last year I was the Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland)
93. Soccer is the only sport I've ever played, but I took tennis lessons a few years ago.
94. Once, I went fishing in the creek near my friend's house, and we got this big net and caught hundreds of tiny fish! We threw them all back, of course, but it was really fun!
95. Tostitos and Lays are my favorite chips (:
96. IKEA has the best hot dogs!!
97. I care a lot about what people think of me.
98. I like photography, but I'm not that good.
99. Pretzels make me think of autumn and road trips.
100. I love getting mail, but I never get any.
101. I'm very coordinated.
102. I have my ninja moments.
103. I REALLYYY want you to enter this contest (:

Yay! That took forever, but I had fun. 10 points to whoever read it all (:
Hahaa. So, as #103 said, i would really really appreciate it if you entered my little contest:

Breanne's Wonderful Writing Contest
Submit a piece of writing (poem, short story, etc.) to me through a post on your blog and I will pick a winners (:

1. It can't be too too long, but a page or two is fine.
2. It has to be submitted by October 20th. You can comment on this post with a link to your post.
3. It doesn't have to be about anything specific, just make it thought-provoking and engaging.
4. It can't be offensive or rude towards any specific person/group.

Grand Prize:
Two amazing customized pieces (header/background) from the lovely Kiki: ! And your blog url put in my info for a month or so :D

Second Place:
One of Kiki's customized pieces just for you (: Your choice of a header or a background!

Make sure to get your entries in my October 20th, and happy writing! It would be so great if you joined!

It's been a great year here on Blogger, and I *hope* there is another one on the way (: A huge thanks again to Kiki for volunteering to make prizes, and to Olive Tree for the background/header/buttons that have served me well for so many months (: And a GINORMOUS thank you to all of my amazing followers, new and old! I never thought I'd get any followers, and now I have 26 beautiful people reading my blog! THANK YOUUU! I love you guys, and I probably wouldn't have made it a year without you (:

Monday, August 30, 2010

this is getting annoying -.-

Gahh. I have so much homework it is ridiculous.

Lots of things have happened since Friday. I'll start with Saturday morning.
Saturday morning, I had a soccer game about an hour away from my house. I played really well, but the other team was vicious. They pushed, shoved, kicked, elbowed, and tripped pretty much all of our players at least once. It was insane! But... we won. 5-0 (:
After the game, we drove through the nearby college that my parents went to and had lunch. We bought t-shirts from the campus bookstore, then came home. Saturday night, my dad, sister, and I went to a major league baseball game that our friend had tickets to. The seats were right behind first base and a little to the right. It was so awesome! Our team lost, though, but we had loads of fun (:

On Sunday, my sister and her two friends invited me to go thrifting at Goodwill with them. Naturally, I agreed. I found this shiny silver tank top for only four dollars there. Then, we went over to Kohl's, where I got a Goonies t-shirt a million sizes too big. But it's so amazing, and would look killer with a red belt as a dress XD We got shakes at Sonic, then came home. My sister got sick that evening, so we ate dinner without her outside. I showered, did my homework, and went to bed a little early.
At around midnight, woke up with terrible pains in the stomach area. My mom thought it might have been apendicitis, but she wasn't sure. In the meantime, we had absolutely no medicine to help me and I couldn't fall asleep because of the pain. Eventually, though, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until seven. I still felt pretty crappy, so I slept in until about eight, and my dad took me to school late. He had been pretty sick, too, since Saturday afternoon, so he was coughing and sneezing the whole way there. I got through most of the day alright, but I skipped soccer practice. At about two this afternoon, my throat started hurting like crazy! It still does. And I had twenty pounds of homework to do, which I still haven't finished.

So now, my dad, my sister, and I are all sick, my mom isn't home from work yet, and it's like a million degrees outside :/

I have a soccer game tomorrow, though, so wish me luck! And I still have some Blogoversary planning to do.... :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 19

Date... Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Starting time... 6:26 PM
Mood... worried and dreadful
Outside my window... it's sunny and green (:
I'm reading... The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
I'm listening to... my ceiling fan's annoying tt, tt, tt noise DX
I'm wearing... my uniform minus skirt, cloud snuggie, and owl ring
Yesterday, I... made my sister and her friend laugh
I'm excited for... dinner
I'm sad because... i have to shower and do my homework :P
I'm hungry for... anything!
The song stuck inside my head is... Telephone, by Lady Gaga and Beyonce
I want... food, no homework, infinite cleanliness...
I love... my friends
I loathe... certain responsibility
This week, my goal is... to clean out my drawers/closet
Did I meet last week's goal?... I got one pair of shorts, but not for really cheap. So, halfway?
Ending time... 6:32 PM

PS. My Spanish name is Charo Dolores :D

School. What can I say?

My first day of 8th grade was on Monday, and so far it's not too bad (: There's a lot to remember and a lot of responsibility, but my friends make it worth it (:
Sooo. I like this boy. He sits across from me in the class where we can goof off the most, so we're pretty much stifling giggles through the whole period. He's so great. He's funny, sweet, and cute, and generally perfect (: He's way taller than me, though, but that's fine with me!

Also, I'm spending more and more time with Steven these days. He said I was his best friend (: But he's kind of clingy. I love him to death, but sometimes it's a bit much. He's hilarious though (: We have Jersey Shore nicknames (he's "The Ordeal" and I'm "The Circumstance"), and we play Silent Library a lot. Plus, his taste in music is impeccable. If I ever need a new artist, I go to him straight away.

It's soccer season again! Yay! I can actually get excersize now!

I think I'll do a daybook, just because (: But I can't upload the picture, because my photo uploader thingy is lame ):


This is freaking post 100! Yay! And I've been on Blogger for almost one whole year! Insanity!!
So, in about one month, it will be my blogaversary :D
I need IDEAS, people. Something totally awesome to celebrate you, me, and my blogaversary! It can be anything, a contest, a 100-things-about-me, ANYTHING. If it is a contest, though, prizes I can give you are limited, unless anyone has suggestions or wants to volunteer to make something for the winner, like a button, header, etc.

Also, I feel horrible for never posting things on this lovely blog, soo I'm going to try to be on more often! For now, I'll say a post a week, maybe more? Sounds good to me, and totally easy (that's what I say now!).

Anyway, I can't believe I've made 100 posts! It seems like so much less. Rahh, I'm getting old! It's already been almost a whole year! Totes ridic. Thanks so much to all of my followers. I wouldn't have lasted 100 posts without you! And welcome to all the new followers, I think there might be a few... (:

I'm siked for my blogaversary, and I hope you are, too (: I'll probably do one more post, then off to do homework :P I started school this week! More about that to come.

For now,

Monday, July 26, 2010

I just needed to vent.

My silent tears sting the back of my throat. They cloud my vision, blurring reality, but not one makes the quiet journey to my cheek. Red-eyed, I stare at the mirror, not seeing it, contemplating what I've done, said, who I've hurt. In four hours, I have screwed up in so many ways, but I've learned so much. I have felt, really felt, close to someone; I have said things that I've been wanting to say for a long time. I have laughed through the pain, sorrow, and disappointing teen antics, and I have come out mostly in tact. And now the one person that I've hurt the most tonight is downstairs, making me a pizza that I don't deserve.

Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I'm thirteen years old and I don't understand anything. I don't know how to love, how to deal with things, or how to explain something without making someone feel stupid, or angry, or hurt, even if that person is me. People underestimate a young person's emotions so much and so often. Today, I said I was a child, jokingly, to get into a movie. I didn't realize how true it was, until now. And I know that things could be worse, that I could have gotten in a lot more trouble, but right now, in this moment, there is nothing worse than knowing that your father is so disappointed, or hurt, that he can't even punish me. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he isn't disappointed, or hurt. But I am. With myself.

I knew I should have told him so much more, every detail, asking his permission, telling him where I was going, what was happening. It's not like I did anything bad, or wrong, or illegal- but I might as well have. I lost my parent's trust, and he just said, this is how we learn. He didn't lecture me, or punish me, or explain to me what I did. He didn't take away any privileges, or possessions, or plans. Maybe he saw the grief in my eyes, or heard the tears in my throat, or knew that I had learned my lesson. And right now I love him more than anyone in the world. And my sister is mad at him, when it should be vice versa.

And the second person I love the most right now- is Mark. He understood when I told him about my vacation woes, he took responsibility for this whole fiasco, he listened when I explained my sister's comlpexity, and agreed with everything I said, and actually made me feel, if possible, better. I felt like I had someone I could rely on, someone I could tell anything to, someone I could laugh with, or cry with, or scream with, and would take it all in and still love me for who I am. Sure, he has a million faults, but he has a million and one ways to make me smile. And guess how many of those are faults?


Did any of that make sense?

Friday, July 9, 2010

I've been playing The Script's CD on an endless loop for an hour and a half. I love them so much.
My Fourth of July was kind of lame, except Cailin and I baked a cake (: It was red velvet with blue icing and Independence Day sprinkles! Delicious. We didn't really celebrate until July 5th when we went to our friend's pool and grilled out at her house. It was so fun.
We tie-dyed shirts with that same friend on Wednesday in my driveway. My shirt is orange with blue and fuscia sunbursts on it, and I also painted headphones and an iPod on a plain red tee. We had pizza with them and today we're going to paint pottery. I don't know how I feel about that. I guess I'm excited, but I don't know. I have no idea what pottery I'm going to do. Probably a little bowl or plate to put all my rings in.

So, I found my notebook from Power of the Pen. I had a lot of random things to say about the experience. I really liked a couple bits:

Power of the Pen has taught me to open up to the world, and to let out some of my emotions in a creative way.
In an odd way, Power of the Pen brought me closer to my mom. We were never really that close to begin with. I think it proved that I was capable of opening up, and it gave me confidence in myself. And seeing my mom so proud of me really made an impact.
That last part was a bunch in the stomach for me. I don't really tell my mom much, and I spend a lot of the time arguing with her. Last night, I was really mean to her, and she tried to be especially nice for the rest of the night. It was over something really stupid, too.
I must go, our friend is here.
Hope the rest of your summer is great,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i'm singing to every song on the radio...

Greetings! So, my summer has been good. I went to the beach yesterday, went shopping a few times, and, oh yeah, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower!!

We left for Europe last Sunday (the 6th), and landed in Paris Monday afternoon. We went to Versailles, the Louvre, the Arc de Triumphe, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. We also went to this amazing restaurant on our last night there that had the BEST pot-roast ever!!
We left Paris on Friday and went to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. We met up with some of my mom's family there and went over to their house for dinner. The next day, we walked around the city for a little bit and got lunch at a local outdoor restaurant. Afterwards, we saw my cousins dance in a folk festival with traditional costumes and dances.
The next day, my mom went with her cousin and my dad to go visit the town where she was born. My sister and I stayed with my cousin and her mom in Karlovac, and went swimming in the river near their house. On Monday we went to Plitvice, one of Croatia's nine national parks. It was beautiful. There were waterfalls around every corner, tiny fish swimming in the crystal-clear lakes (the water was drinkable!), and huge mountains. It was so cool.

We left Zagreb on Tuesday and moved to Dubrovnik, a city along the Adriatic coast. We rented an amazing Croatian villa (which I'm in now :] ), and then walked around the Old Town, an ancient fortress that was renovated with new shops and restaurants. Croatia has some of the most amazing food. All of the ingredients are fresh (at my cousin's house, for dinner, we ate the last of their chickens!), and everything is very simple. Yesterday, we went to the beach right outside of the Old Town, and then met my cousin and her parents for drinks and ice cream. Today, we're going shopping and to the beach again. It's so cool here! Next we're going to Dublin, Ireland tomorrow!

The language barrier really sucks. My cousins know a little bit from school, but they prefer to speak Croatian. My uncle, Vinko, speaks only in Croatian when my mom's around, and they talk for hours! My dad, sister, and I just sit there cluelessly while they jabber on about who-knows-what. *sigh* I'm glad everyone in Ireland speaks English...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tags :)

Just doing some tags from Adria:
Makeup Tag
What is your fave color lipstick- purple, red, pink, none, lipgloss?
pink or lipgloss

What color eyeshadow would you wear?
I wear blue, pink, tan, or grey
Would you wear mascara or eyeliner?
I wear both, but mascara if i had to choose
What color blush?
pink, i suppose
Nail polish- purple, black, green, blue, red, or pink?
any of them! black the most, though
Cookie Tag
What is your favorite cookie?
chocolate chip!
What is your least favorite?
M&M or peanut butter
How many cookies can you eat in one sitting?
usually 3 or 4, but i could have 5-10 Oreos ;)
Make up a cookie!
chocolate bombs!
Have you ever made that before?
Yes.... :)
You see an army of angry cookies coming at you. What do you do?
give them all big hugs! gain their trust, then eat them in the night!

I tag whoever wants to do one!

Dropping In...

I hope you didn't miss me too much ;)

i feel suckish for neglecting the WNMP lately, and I'm sorry. I've just been utterly consumed with, I admit it, Polyvore. I'm obsessed. It's unhealthy, really; I need treatment or something. And I have news to share. But first, we dance.
[seriously, I need you to get up and get down right this second. Do it. {I did ;)}]

Oiw, I think I got wiplash. Ouch.

Firstly, today was Field Day, and we won every tug of war I competed in. The seventh graders beat the sixth graders, the girls beat the guys, my homeroom beat the other homeroom, and the seventh grade girls beat the ENTIRE SIXTH GRADE. It was kind of sad on their part.
Secondly, the last day of school is tomorrow. Which means, the best year of my grade-school life is over. Next year, I'll be on top of the school, and I'll have responsibilities. Yeuch. The award ceromony is tomorrow, and I feel really good about it :)
Thirdly, I'll have to take another big break, because I'm leaving for my European vacation on Sunday. We're hitting up Paris, Croatia, and Ireland! I've been brushing up on my foreign insults lately, and I'm up to 5 languages... what trouble can I get into? ;) I'm so excited, but we'll be more or less cut off from America. I plan on buying tons of postcards.
Last, but not least, the Power of the Pen State Finals were two weeks ago. The prompts were fantastic, I wrote amazingly, and I even made it to the prestigious fourth "Power Round." Unfortunately, my only teammate who made it to state didn't ): I poured my soul into my stories, and came out with... 10th place! At state. Out of 3,500 original competitors, and 355 students at state level. I'm still in shock.

I really hope I am back.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Tag! XD

So... Kendra at Carpe Diem (stupid link won't work ): ) tagged me.

Rules: Choose 8 books you'd like to live in and why, then tag 8 people.
Mine aren't in order:

1. Alex Rider Series- It would be wicked cool to be a teen spy, or a hot teen spy's girlfriend... ;) Some of his gadgets are sweet, and they're hidden in the most common objects! But I have to admit, it would be kind of scary with all of those insane evil-doers trying to kill you...
2. Harry Potter Series- I just want to go to Hogwarts and be able to use simple spells like Accio and Silencio, and to ride brooms and play Quidditch.
3. Unfinished Angel- The little Swish town setting is so beautiful, and Senora Divino's ravioli sounds good :) The angel is really funny, too, and Zola and the orphans are glorious chaos.
4. The Lord of the Rings series- Middle Earth is beautiful, especially the Shire. I would live in a house under a hill, but I might be too tall :). Gondor would be cool, the whole city is really cool and I feel like I could explore forever.
5. Any Cathy Cassidy book- Her books are always so detailed, the settings so vivid and gorgeous, the problems so real, and the guys so dreamy... Every character is relatable and real, and her books are are some of my favorites.
6. Oh, The Places You'll Go- The worlds and landscapes are so ridiculous that I can't help wanting to be there in person. I could invent my own words, tackle obstacles as big as my imagination, and take in every detail with wides eyes, mouth agape.
7. The Bible- Some of the stories told are truly amazing, and I would want to experience them firsthand. Jesus's miracles were so cool, and some of the Old Testament feats were awesome.
8. The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series- Wolf, Torak, and Renn are, like, the awesomest people ever, and Wolf isn't even a person. It would be cool seeing what Clan I would be in, and how the way of life would be. I love the outdoors, fishing, and animals, so that setting would be perfect for me!
Thanks for the fun tag, Kendra! I tag:
. Adria
. Kiki
. Twinkle Toes
. The Cornet Crazie
. Golden Eagle
. Elrania
. Emma
. Nahla of the Eastern Winds
Sorry if you've already been tagged, and enjoy!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 18

Date... Friday, April 9, 2010
Starting time... 12:37 pm
Mood... excited
Outside my window... the sun is shining!! finally!
I'm reading... nothing ):
I'm listening to... Fresh Meat 2
I'm wearing... frog shorts, field day tee, and black zip hoodie
Yesterday, I... got my braces adjusted
I'm excited for... seeing Remember Me with my friend today!
I'm sad because... i might not go shopping tomorrow with my friends ):
I'm hungry for... tater tots!
The song stuck inside my head is... You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
I want... easier plans
I love... movies
I loathe... feeling gross
This week, my goal is... to find cheap shorts for spring!
Did I meet last week's goal?... no >:(
Ending time... 12:48 pm (i took a tot break in the middle ;) )

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is Here!

The ladybugs are crawling everywhere as the warm breeze swishes across my Cheeto-stained fingers typing away. This can only mean one thing- spring has sprung. I pray that I haven't spoken too soon.

Yesterday, I laughed-out-loud when I had to break out my flowy tanks and cuffed shorts to go see The Last Song with my cousins. The only difference between that and summer was that I had to grab a light jacket and my Chuck Taylors, a difference that I am perfectly content with. Today is strikingly hotter, and it was jeans day at school, making my spring-fevered legs overheat. Otherwise, today was the picture of near-perfection.
In the morning, once I got to school, we had a meeting of the Olweuss Bullying Program that my school just started. Then, we went on a super-fun Easter egg hunt with our kindergarten buddies on the playground. Afterwards there was an assembly in the gym with a magician/juggler/ventriloquist. It was alright. We had a read-a-thon until lunch, then music class, and lastly we read picture books to our buddies. My buddy finally likes me, lol.
Did I forget to mention yesterday that on Tuesday 2 boys in my grade got into a fistfight in the hallway? In front of 3rd graders, too. One of the math teachers tried to break it up, but she's small and thin, and almost got pulled into it! It was crazy. My fabulous crush (*blushes*) pulled one boy off of the other and held him against a wall. I didn't see the fight, though, and I don't know how I feel about that.

Ps. I think it's time to get rid of the blog's snowfall... ;)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Back!

Hey! Omigosh, I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long. I'm not dead, or quitting, or anything like that. I've just been really busy, and so many things have been going on! Anyway, yesterday was my sister's 16th birthday (!!!), so I couldn't post then, but today I left school early to hang out with my cousins, and because I'm sick XP
Since my birthday, I have been doing a lot of different things. On Saturday, March 13, I competed in the Power of the Pen regional competition with 200 other middle-schoolers. No one on my team won an award, but my friend Katie and I made it to State! The state competition is in May, and I'm really excited. I'll post some of my short stories later :)
A few weeks ago my grandma from Florida came to visit for St. Patrick's Day. She was born in England but was half Irish, and she grew up in Northern Ireland. My dad was born in the Emerald Isle, but moved around a lot. My grandma, we call her Nanny, still has an Irish accent and a very Irish attitude. We did a lot with her, went shopping, out to eat, and to a St. Patty's party at my friend Meghan's house. It was a really fun week, full of laying out in the party house listening to olf Irish folk songs, drinking cool drinks and eating fatty foods.
Last Friday, the 26th, my cousins from up north came to visit for the week. Friday night was my Power of the Pen pizza party (to which I wore my new super cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt), then the family arrived. That night, we played Sims, watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and were the silly crazies we always are when we're together. Saturday, we went shopping at the outlet mall and the flea market, and I got tons of cool stuff. Saturday night we went hot-tubbing outside, but it was kind of warm outside, so it wasn't that great. We played truth or dare, though ;). On Sunday we went to the aquarium and had tons of fun looking at the fishes and stuff. Monday, I had school, and a few of my cousins had to leave. Yesterday, we went to my sister's lacrosse game, then to LoneStar <3 Today, I went to school in the morning and got a cupcake, then went home sick.
And that's what I've been up to. How has your month been?

(I'll try to remember to post my PoP stories soon!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thirteen XD

Sooo, I haven't posted in a while, been busy with procrastination and stuff... Anyway, today is my thirteenth birthday! I'm so excited, I'm finally a teenager! Tonight we are going to Applebee's to celebrate, but I can't do much else like have a party or anything this weekend because:
Tomorrow, I don't have school, and I might go to the movies to see Alice in Wonderland with the besties, then nothing, and my parents will be busy, so they can't take me anywhere.
Saturday, I have the Power of the Pen Regional Competition from 8-3, then I have to get my grandma from the airport and go to a St. Patrick's Day party at 7.
Sunday, I don't really have anything planned, maybe lunch with a friend or seeing Alice in Wonderland if Friday doesn't work out.

Roar. But I've already gotten some awesome stuff from my friends at school, such as:
A drawing of a ninja Sensei frog from Steven- you do not understand how excited I am about this. He reads these Naruto anime comics, and in one of them there are all of these sweet frogs that I named as my best friends a few weeks ago. His drawing is actually really good, and he even colored it and everything XD
A bunny eraser from the office, a few coins found on the blacktop by my friends, a birthday pencil, lipgloss, Trident layers, and a pack of hairbands from my friend that I always borrow them from in gym :) I love my friends.

So, this post really has no structure or flow, but I'll just run with it.
I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland with my friends, since we dressed up as the original cast for Halloween XD
Since we're going on our trip to Europe this summer, I only really had two items on my wishlist: a Flip video camera and the CD 'Far' by Regina Spektor (I'm really into her now... YOU BETTER BE OK WITH THAT!! [sorry, stewie quote :)]). I'm fairly certain that I will get both, and I figured with my birthday money I could buy an underwater case for the Flip (works up to depths of 30 feet!). This has been a really good birthday so far :D

And Happy *Late* Birthday, Adria!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Teen Girls' Daybook Week 17

Date... Sunday, March 7, 2010
Starting time... 8:19 PM
Mood... relieved and defeated
Outside my window... dark ):
I'm thinking... about my social studies project
I'm reading... Eagle Strike and To Kill a Mockingbird
I'm listening to... a Yoplay Delights commercial. it's the perfect parfait.
I'm wearing... pink soccer pants, calvin and hobbes tee, and gray and black hoodie
Yesterday, I... won my soccer game and scored a goal :) technically
I'm excited for... seeing my bff tomorrow. shes been in Colorado all week
I'm sad because... i still have to type my social studies essay. or do I...
I'm hungry for... a cookie
The song stuck inside my head is... ",!"
I want... to watch a movie with my family. not going to happen
I love... Goodfellas
I loathe... essays *scowls*
This week, my goal is... to bake a cake
Did I meet last week's goal?... no. fail.
Ending time...
8:29 PM

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook (2)

Find out how to do An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook here: Vividry: An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook

Today I… sang "I Will Survive" with my guy friends :)
I'm feeling... perplexed and excited
My outfit is... just my school uniform. Blahh.
Outside my window… most of the snow has melted :)

A song that's stuck in my head... It Comes Naturally- Selena Gomez
Something (a book, song, movie, person...) that's inspired me recently... is the crummy weather on my car-rides to school. I come up with some of my cutest, saddest, most romantic "scenes" on those rides.
A prayer of my heart this week... is for the people of Chile, who just experienced an 8.8 magnitude earthquake.
I am creating… some fabulous Polyvore sets :)
I am reading... Skeleton Key, sequel to Point Blank, and To Kill A Mockingbird for school. About to start Jane Eyre!
I am thinking... that I need to go to the library.
A scripture verse or passage that's stuck out to me this week... is the one about the blind beggar, who was cured by Jesus. When the crowd saw that he was no longer blind, they thought he was a sinner and doubted Jesus. Jesus said that they were blind. I don't know, it's just carried me through the week.
A spiritual lesson I'm learning... is to have no doubt in God and to accept his plan.
An attribute of God I've seen this week… is His wisdom. He knows exactly which scripture passage I need, and gives it to me on my Bible bookmark- 30 Days of Scripture.
A picture I’d like to share… is of a beautiful yellow fish. I thought it was so graceful and elegant, but at the same time so vibrant and alive.

(meh, meh, meh! My picture upload isn't working ):)
A creative goal for next week... is to be more helpful around the house.
Did I complete my goal from last week... no ): sadly. but I'm going to work on it today!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 16

Eeep, I'm so bad!! I didn't do the daybook this weekend, so I'll just do it today. My schedule's been pretty busy, but that's no excuse! :)

Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Starting time: 10:25pm
Mood: tired and eager
Outside my window: total darkness ): no stars at all
I'm thinking: about the Alex Rider book I'm reading, Power of the Pen, and life
I'm reading: Alex Rider: Skeleton Key, and To Kill A Mockingbird
I'm listening to: footsteps below me
I'm wearing: a yellow beijing tee and pink peace pants
Yesterday, I: procrastinated ): an awful habit
I'm excited for: finishing Skeleton Key and starting the next book in the series
I'm hungry for: leftover Cheesecake Factory pizza. Mmmm...
The song stuck inside my head is: When the world comes down- the all-american rejects
I want: longer days
I love: clothes XD
I loathe: being tired/grumpy
This week, my goal is: to not procrastinate!
Did I reach last week's goal?: I finished one/third...
Ending time: 10:29pm
I'll update tomorrow and do the other daybook, it's getting late :\

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Trinkets

A few days ago my sister came home from school with these wonderfully unique bracelets and I knew I had to have them. These, friends, were bent, silver eating utensils. They were 3 dollars each, and all of the proceeds went to a certain charity. Some students had made them out of donated silverware and sold them at lunch in the cafeteria. My sister got 3 spoons and 3 forks, gave one of each to me, and intends to spray-paint one of each bronze.

Aren't they fabulous? I think they are so cool! I wore the fork to school today :) It was so fun to walk down the dim-lit halls with it decorating my wrist.

{Sorry about the poor camera quality, my digital is acting up, these were taken with my phone :P}

But alas, I can marvel in their beauty no longer, I have too much homework. Am I allowed to use the same smiley in one post? :P

An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook (1)

I decided to try out this daybook by Melody at Vividry. If I do continue to do it, it will be posted on Wednesdays. I'll still keep doing the Teen Girls' Daybook on weekends as well.

Find out how to do An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook here:

Today I tried to convince someone to give me "just one fourf!" of a brownie by talking in a baby voice. It failed, but succeeded in keeping my entertained for ten minutes.

I'm feeling tired, bewildered and a little worried.

My outfit is the top half of my school uniform and Christmas Stewie pj pants (aka, the weirdest combination ever).

Outside my window the evening sun is shining in my eyes and the snow is melting away.

A song that's stuck in my head is Can You Read My Mind by the Killers.

Something (a book, song, movie, person..) that's inspired me recently is a blog I found called Bre's Random Escapades. It talks, in some posts, about our relationship with God and little things we can do to strengthen it. Also, a retreat held at my school for 7th graders last Wednesday inspired me to start a journal and write a brief letter to God each day, and to read a Bible passage and reflect on its meaning and how it can relate to my life.

A prayer of my heart this week is that I will gain confidence and self-esteem in school and elsewhere. I've been having trouble reading my writing to the class or talking to certain people, and I'd like God to help me change that.

I am creating a stronger friendship with the people around me and a stronger feeling of belonging.

I am reading Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz, the sequel to Stormbreaker and a fascinating story about a boy spy in present-day London, and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee for school.

I am thinking about the epic game of Dots I played with my 'mates instead of researching for Expression.

A scripture verse or passage that's stuck out to me this week is the story of the wedding that Jesus and Mary went to, where the wedding party ran out of wine and Jesus turned gallons of water into the finest of wines. I can't remember the chapter, but it made me realize that God can do anything, and His miracles are everlasting.

A spiritual lesson I'm learning is to trust God's plan and His guidance for my life. I may not understand at first, but everything He does happens for a reason. I need to trust that in time, I will know the reason and be ever grateful to God.

An attribute of God I've seen this week is His creation. Everything I see seems to be so beautiful! I'm even seeing some things in a new light and appreciating their glory.

A picture I'd like to share is of some bracelets my sister got for me. They were $3 each and all of the proceeds went to charity. I think the art department made them out of old donated silverware.

I'll post the picture of the spoon in the next post.

A creative goal for next week is to draw and color some beautiful artwork to put on my corkboard.

Did I complete my goal from last week? n/a

Great daybook, Melody! I think I'll continue doing it :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teen Girls' Daybook Week 15

Wow, I feel like I haven't posted in FOREVER, but it's only been 4 days.

Date... Saturday, February 22, 2010

Starting time... 6:55 PM

Mood... tired and hungry

Outside my window... it's very dark

I'm thinking... about Lent

I'm reading... Emma, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Stormbreaker

I'm listening to... an HGTV show downstairs

I'm wearing... tan boots, black sweats, music abercrombie tee, gray and black vans hoodie

I'm excited for... writing to Jesus every night for Lent :)

I'm sad because... I have to do a whole Social Studies project and work on a WINGS project

I'm hungry for... chicken pot pie, but alas, we are having tacos.

The song stuck inside my head is... a good song that's name escapes me

I want... a taco

I love... God, and my family

I loathe... procrastination

This week, my goal is... to finish my projects (there are THREE)

Did I meet last week's goal?... half of it :

Ending time... 7:00 PM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy *Belated* Valentine's Day!

I think I'm stuck in a weird sort of Dreamland where everything I do is wonderful. Oi.

Oh, how the sky has changed- from the light rosy hue of last midnight, to the dismal, pale grey that it is now. We have another snow day, thankfully, but I'm almost beginning to feel like I need school. Curse my acid tongue! I only speak the truth, though. The world out my window looks limp and cold, but it has an eerie beauty...

I can't get the pictures to load, but I'll keep trying :)

The neon lights of the nearby grocery illuminate the midnight sky and new-fallen snow in a soft pink glow as I drift off to sleep. I lift an ear for the familar sounds of a quirky film circa-1932 drifting from my sister's domicile, but I hear nothing. The silence envelopes me until I fear my gentle tapping to be heard. I long for the warmth of the creature napping lazily down the hall. The world doesn't seem real at this time of night, especially when the ground is buried in a foot and two inches of hard, cold snow. My skinny arms yearn for the comfort of the darkness under my quilt as I type quietly, solemnly. I hope for a better tomorrow.

I'll post pictures of my Valentine's cake and my puppy tomorrow. It is midnight, and I need sleep. Au revoir,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Teen Girls' Daybook Week 14

Date... Saturday, February 13, 2010
Starting time... 11:46 AM
Mood... excited/hungry
Outside my window... are fat robins sitting in a tree
I'm thinking... about eggs, hashbrowns, and bagels... Mmmm
I'm reading... Emma and the Shakespeare Stealer
I'm listening to... the sounds of cooking; microwave beeps, pans landing, plates being moved, and the soft thud of cabinets being shut
I'm wearing... Stewie pj pants, big fuzzy pink booties, MIAMI tee, brown Aero jacket with the vampire collar
Yesterday, I... laughed :)
I'm excited for... my cousin Barb coming today and the wondrous breakfast downstairs
I'm sad because... my other favorite cousin Mel isn't coming ):
I'm hungry for... eggs! hashbrowns! bagels!
The song stuck inside my head is... The Best Thing
I want... foooood
I love... "Breakfast is ready!"
I loathe... interruptions
This week, my goal is... to cook more and to see Valentine's Day
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yes
Ending time... 11:52 AM

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ridiculously Awesome Tag

Seriously, it's ridiculous. -ly awesome. (it made sense in my head...)
Yet another tag, from Glow Fish (thanks!):

What is your salad dressing of choice? Balsamic Vinaigrette. Anything else isn't worth it
What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Applebee's!
What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it? Sandwiches
What are your pizza toppings of choice? plain cheese, or ham and pepperoni
What do you like to put on your toast? Butterrr. or plain. i like plain.
How many televisions are in your house? Don't make me count. 1... 2... 3...... 6.
What color cell phone do you have? red and black with a little silver
What does your first text message in your inbox say and who sent it? WE WON! with a picture of our POP state trophy, from Abbie
Who was the last person to call you? Mom
Are you right-handed or left-handed? Lefty, baby!
Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Nope, not even my tonsils.
What is the last heavy item you lifted? my backpack
If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? Not really. Yes and no.
I you could change your name, what would you change it to? It would be cool to change my name whenever i wanted, but i like my name.
Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? It depends how hot, but I ate a pepper from Steak 'N' Shake for $10, so... yes.
How many pairs of flip flops do you own? a lot, like... 5?
Last time you had a run-in with the cops? Yea, what about it? (jk, never)
Last person you talked to? my dad
Favorite month? March (birthday) and June
Missing someone? Yes. ):
Mood? hungry and disappointed
What are you listening to? my laptop whirring and humming and my typing
Watching? the screen. i have the cool Windows 7 feature with the 2 pages next to each other :)
Worrying about? POP on the 25th
What's the last movie you watched? Penelope
Do you smile often? Yes! i laugh easily
Do you always answer your phone? Yes, if i have it with me and on (rare)
It's four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it? my phone isn't on at 4, but it would probs be one of my "stalkers"
If you could change your eye color what would it be? I'd want to change it at will, but i like my color-green. my eyes are the only perfect, unblemished part of my face. i could do a whole post on eyes...
What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? I only ever get chocolate milkshakes, but there's one up the street :)
Do you own a digital camera? Yesiree, my very own
Have you ever had a pet fish? yes, but they all died
Favorite Christmas song? Winter Wonderland or Let It Snow
What's on your wish list for your birthday? a Flip video camera. its in a month!
Can you do push-ups? Ehh... fairly.
Can you do a chin-up? not really :P
Do you have any saved texts? Yes :) memories...
Ever been in a car wreck? never. and lets keep it that way
Do you have an accent? Nope. But i do a mean British
What is the last song to make you cry? no idea
Plans tonight? i wish. oh wait, i do: to play Littlest Pet Shop. sad, right?
Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? yes :,(
You ever been given roses? never roses plural
Current hate right now? This one kid, he makes me so mad!
Met someone who changed your life? Yes (:
What were you doing 12AM last night? sleeping, dreaming, fidgeting
What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? I don't want to go to school and I don't want that dream to end.
I tag...
anyone who loves hot chocolate and cozy lighting

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clothing Tag and EVEN. MORE. SNOW.

I didn't think it was possible. We got even more snow over night. So, another snow day, and another 24 hours to make plans for. I might see a movie later with my awesome friends, but maybe not. Yesterday, on my first snow day of the week, I built an epic snowman (my first in years, the snow was perfect for packing), had a snowball fight with Abbie, went sledding with Gracie, went frolicking and exploring with Katie, and played Just Dance and hot-tubbed with all of them. Hot-tubbing at night in the snow is a must.

Here's a cool tag from Glow Fish:

Skinny jeans or flare jeans?

Do you like graphic tees?
Ask my two drawers full of them

What is your favorite store?
PacSun, Nordstrom, Delia's... Don't make me choose *puppy face*

Do you prefer the Preppy look or Gothic?
probably preppy, but i don't really wear either

The mall or the thrift store?
The mall! So shiny.

Do you wear makeup?
A little, sometimes.

What is your style like?
Comfortable and random

Do you wear designer clothes?
sometimes, i don't have a lot

What type of shoes are you addicted to?
All kinds! Right now, boots.

Do you like dresses?
Yes! But i can never find an excuse to wear them ):

What type of plaid do you prefer?
All kinds

What is your designer nickname?
hmm... i don't believe i have one

I tag:
All of you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day and Kreativ Blogger Award

SNOW DAY!! I'm so excited XD Between today, last night, and yesterday, we got like a foot of snow! It's so pretty outside and it's still coming down hard. I can't wait to suit up in overly puffy layers and brightly colored snow gear and go outside and play (: I am a child.
I wonder if there is still a paprika gang of robins gathering around my garage...

I was awarded by Adria! (grr, can't get the link to work!)

7 things about me:

1. I am a democrat

2. My favorite football teams are the Bengals and the Saints

3. I'm left-handed

4. I am half Croatian

5. I still love "kid" shows and toys :P

6. I support gay marriage

7. I don't like my nose

And I award this lovely award to:

Emma from Summer Girl

The Trendy Fashionista

Kiki :)

Thanks again, Adria!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 13

Date... Sunday, February 7, 2010
Starting time... 2:47 PM
Mood... hopeful
Outside my window... is a sonw-covered tree with pretty red berries
I'm thinking... about all the fat robins in my driveway
I'm reading... The Shakespeare Stealer
I'm listening to... my sister watching an old movie downstairs. the sound really carries
I'm wearing... black sweatpants, a black and gray Vans sweatshirt, a purple and yellow Grr tiger tee, popcicle socks, and light tan boots
Yesterday, I... was really sick!
I'm excited for... my mom coming home tonight
I'm sad because... my stomache is being weird
I'm hungry for... love
The song stuck inside my head is... owl city- hot air balloon
I want... to skip the super bowl and just eat chicken wings!
I love... penguins. (everybody loves penguins)
I loathe... suffering
This week, my goal is... to read a chunk of Emma
Did I meet last week's goal?... yes?
Ending time... 2:53 PM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tidbits You Were DYING To Know

- i spent Saturday night at La Rosa's with some very interesting people -
- today i won the seventh grade homeroom Catholic Schools Week essay contest -
- i also won Cassie's photography contest: edited landscape -
- i wrestled a high school sophmore this weekend. he sat on me. we are not related -
- i went all day without even noticing that i was wearing 2 different socks of the same color scheme. no one else noticed either -
- when i was little i was obsessed with dress up and that game where you get jewelry and tiaras as you play. i made my dad wear the tiara -
- sometimes i take pictures of random people without them knowing if i think their outfit is cool -
- i am totally allowed to use these random facts for other tags, awards, or milestones -

- i am half asleep -

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 12

Date... Sunday, January 31, 2010
Starting time... 8:21 PM
Mood... annoyed and happy
Outside my window... I hear a train
I'm thinking... about why my computer can't paste into posts
I'm reading... HP7, Off-Color, and The Shakespeare Stealer
I'm listening to... myself typing
I'm wearing... teal MIAMI tee, blue chihuahua pants, and fuzzy pink booties
Yesterday, I... won 1st Place Team at Power of the Pen!!
I'm excited for... sleep. I love dreams.
I'm sad because... I don't want tomorrow to be Monday
I'm hungry for... a cookie
The song stuck inside my head is... Mamma Mia
I want... chocolate
I love... living
I loathe... not winning
This week, my goal is... to have a better memory
Did I meet last week's goal?... yes
Ending time... 8:27 PM

Honest Scrap Award!

Thank you, Kiki, for this cool award!

OK, so here are ten honest things about me:

I keep a notebook of cool quotes I find.

I have a slight crush on a nerd in my grade.

I don't have a favorite animal.

I can never finish a story.

I'm really self-conscious.

I always think I'm in love when I like someone.

I try not to put people into stereotypes, but often fail.

I hate my hair.

I'm going to Croatia this summer. :)

I hate it when my room gets cluttered, but I detest cleaning it.

And I give this award to:

Hannah from Aspire

Ivory Dancer from Another Once in Time

Maggie from Behind the Teen Scene

Emma from Summer Girl

The Trendy Fashionista

The Cornet Crazie from Treble Clef

Hannah from things to write on a neon post-it note

Sorry if you've already gotten it, and thanks again, Kiki!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 11 and News

Date... Saturday, January 23, 2010
Starting time... 7:22 PM
Mood... perplexed/tired
Outside my window... dark, reflecting my desk.
I'm thinking... about AquaNotes
I'm reading... Harry Potter 7 (finally!)
I'm listening to... Lady Gaga- Fame
I'm wearing... red reindeer pants, purple tie-dye tank, brown jacket
Yesterday, I... watched the Vampire Diaries with some very interesting people ;)
I'm excited for... sleeping
I'm sad because... my laptop is acting up
I'm hungry for... chili, but we don't have oyster crackers ):
The song stuck inside my head is... Lady Gaga- Money Honey
I want... to play Sims 2 and make a pregnant woman lol
I love... fashion and chihuahuas
I loathe... not having Hostess cupcakes
This week, my goal is... to embody Breanne. (aka- to be myself)
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yes
Ending time... 7:28 PM
I had a soccer game today, and we won 3-1. It was our first game of the indoor season and we did pretty well. But I didn't play my best, and I'm a little disappointed. One of the girls on the other team goes to my school and is friends with some of my teammates, so that was weird.
I really really want some red flats and I don't think I can sit still until I get them!! I found this stunning/killer/AMAZING shiny bright pair at H&M, but, just to torment me, they didn't have my size. I almost cried in the store.
Lastly, next Saturday is the official Power of the Pen writing competition! I'm soo excited! I think my team will do really well and I hope we win at least one award. I have a good feeling and am very confident. My short stories have been some of my groups best, but also some of the worst. I'm praying for us to do well and for nothing to go wrong, and I hope you'll wish us luck!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Teen Girls' Daybook Week 10

Date... Sunday, January 17, 2010
Starting time... 12:44 AM
Mood... tired and uncomfortable
Outside my window... the snow is melting in the darkness
I'm thinking... that I need to go to sleeeep
I'm reading... HP6
I'm listening to... an epic sword duel with historic commentary
I'm wearing... soccer pants, P!NK concert tee, and huge pink fuzzy booties
Yesterday, I... sat around all day and ate fried chicken
I'm excited for... tonight's dreams.
I'm sad because... I don't really want to go to my room
I'm hungry for... another cookie and some water
The song stuck inside my head is... the song from Lady and the Tramp in the spaghetti scene
I want... a more comfortable chair
I love... shopping *stares dreamily into the distance*
I loathe... my sister being asleep
This week, my goal is... to hang out with my sis more
Did I meet last week's goal?... yes!
Ending time... 12:49 AM