Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thirteen XD

Sooo, I haven't posted in a while, been busy with procrastination and stuff... Anyway, today is my thirteenth birthday! I'm so excited, I'm finally a teenager! Tonight we are going to Applebee's to celebrate, but I can't do much else like have a party or anything this weekend because:
Tomorrow, I don't have school, and I might go to the movies to see Alice in Wonderland with the besties, then nothing, and my parents will be busy, so they can't take me anywhere.
Saturday, I have the Power of the Pen Regional Competition from 8-3, then I have to get my grandma from the airport and go to a St. Patrick's Day party at 7.
Sunday, I don't really have anything planned, maybe lunch with a friend or seeing Alice in Wonderland if Friday doesn't work out.

Roar. But I've already gotten some awesome stuff from my friends at school, such as:
A drawing of a ninja Sensei frog from Steven- you do not understand how excited I am about this. He reads these Naruto anime comics, and in one of them there are all of these sweet frogs that I named as my best friends a few weeks ago. His drawing is actually really good, and he even colored it and everything XD
A bunny eraser from the office, a few coins found on the blacktop by my friends, a birthday pencil, lipgloss, Trident layers, and a pack of hairbands from my friend that I always borrow them from in gym :) I love my friends.

So, this post really has no structure or flow, but I'll just run with it.
I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland with my friends, since we dressed up as the original cast for Halloween XD
Since we're going on our trip to Europe this summer, I only really had two items on my wishlist: a Flip video camera and the CD 'Far' by Regina Spektor (I'm really into her now... YOU BETTER BE OK WITH THAT!! [sorry, stewie quote :)]). I'm fairly certain that I will get both, and I figured with my birthday money I could buy an underwater case for the Flip (works up to depths of 30 feet!). This has been a really good birthday so far :D

And Happy *Late* Birthday, Adria!

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