Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook (2)

Find out how to do An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook here: Vividry: An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook

Today I… sang "I Will Survive" with my guy friends :)
I'm feeling... perplexed and excited
My outfit is... just my school uniform. Blahh.
Outside my window… most of the snow has melted :)

A song that's stuck in my head... It Comes Naturally- Selena Gomez
Something (a book, song, movie, person...) that's inspired me recently... is the crummy weather on my car-rides to school. I come up with some of my cutest, saddest, most romantic "scenes" on those rides.
A prayer of my heart this week... is for the people of Chile, who just experienced an 8.8 magnitude earthquake.
I am creating… some fabulous Polyvore sets :)
I am reading... Skeleton Key, sequel to Point Blank, and To Kill A Mockingbird for school. About to start Jane Eyre!
I am thinking... that I need to go to the library.
A scripture verse or passage that's stuck out to me this week... is the one about the blind beggar, who was cured by Jesus. When the crowd saw that he was no longer blind, they thought he was a sinner and doubted Jesus. Jesus said that they were blind. I don't know, it's just carried me through the week.
A spiritual lesson I'm learning... is to have no doubt in God and to accept his plan.
An attribute of God I've seen this week… is His wisdom. He knows exactly which scripture passage I need, and gives it to me on my Bible bookmark- 30 Days of Scripture.
A picture I’d like to share… is of a beautiful yellow fish. I thought it was so graceful and elegant, but at the same time so vibrant and alive.

(meh, meh, meh! My picture upload isn't working ):)
A creative goal for next week... is to be more helpful around the house.
Did I complete my goal from last week... no ): sadly. but I'm going to work on it today!

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  1. Ooh, this is cool! I might do this one sometime!