Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tidbits You Were DYING To Know

- i spent Saturday night at La Rosa's with some very interesting people -
- today i won the seventh grade homeroom Catholic Schools Week essay contest -
- i also won Cassie's photography contest: edited landscape -
- i wrestled a high school sophmore this weekend. he sat on me. we are not related -
- i went all day without even noticing that i was wearing 2 different socks of the same color scheme. no one else noticed either -
- when i was little i was obsessed with dress up and that game where you get jewelry and tiaras as you play. i made my dad wear the tiara -
- sometimes i take pictures of random people without them knowing if i think their outfit is cool -
- i am totally allowed to use these random facts for other tags, awards, or milestones -

- i am half asleep -


  1. I was playing football the other day and the same obnoxious kid in my class sat on my same foot TWICE! And he isn't the lightest person. Cool!

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  3. Hi Breanne!

    Really cool blog! :) I love your posts and your layout!

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