Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clothing Tag and EVEN. MORE. SNOW.

I didn't think it was possible. We got even more snow over night. So, another snow day, and another 24 hours to make plans for. I might see a movie later with my awesome friends, but maybe not. Yesterday, on my first snow day of the week, I built an epic snowman (my first in years, the snow was perfect for packing), had a snowball fight with Abbie, went sledding with Gracie, went frolicking and exploring with Katie, and played Just Dance and hot-tubbed with all of them. Hot-tubbing at night in the snow is a must.

Here's a cool tag from Glow Fish:

Skinny jeans or flare jeans?

Do you like graphic tees?
Ask my two drawers full of them

What is your favorite store?
PacSun, Nordstrom, Delia's... Don't make me choose *puppy face*

Do you prefer the Preppy look or Gothic?
probably preppy, but i don't really wear either

The mall or the thrift store?
The mall! So shiny.

Do you wear makeup?
A little, sometimes.

What is your style like?
Comfortable and random

Do you wear designer clothes?
sometimes, i don't have a lot

What type of shoes are you addicted to?
All kinds! Right now, boots.

Do you like dresses?
Yes! But i can never find an excuse to wear them ):

What type of plaid do you prefer?
All kinds

What is your designer nickname?
hmm... i don't believe i have one

I tag:
All of you!


  1. omg your so lucky! We haven't gotten any snow down here!!

  2. Cool tag. I think I'll do it :)