Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Trinkets

A few days ago my sister came home from school with these wonderfully unique bracelets and I knew I had to have them. These, friends, were bent, silver eating utensils. They were 3 dollars each, and all of the proceeds went to a certain charity. Some students had made them out of donated silverware and sold them at lunch in the cafeteria. My sister got 3 spoons and 3 forks, gave one of each to me, and intends to spray-paint one of each bronze.

Aren't they fabulous? I think they are so cool! I wore the fork to school today :) It was so fun to walk down the dim-lit halls with it decorating my wrist.

{Sorry about the poor camera quality, my digital is acting up, these were taken with my phone :P}

But alas, I can marvel in their beauty no longer, I have too much homework. Am I allowed to use the same smiley in one post? :P


  1. Cool! Now I must try to make one :)

  2. Those are really awesome bracelets!

    (P.S I am now following!)

  3. Yay, thanks for following, Golden Eagle!