Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Tag! XD

So... Kendra at Carpe Diem (stupid link won't work ): ) tagged me.

Rules: Choose 8 books you'd like to live in and why, then tag 8 people.
Mine aren't in order:

1. Alex Rider Series- It would be wicked cool to be a teen spy, or a hot teen spy's girlfriend... ;) Some of his gadgets are sweet, and they're hidden in the most common objects! But I have to admit, it would be kind of scary with all of those insane evil-doers trying to kill you...
2. Harry Potter Series- I just want to go to Hogwarts and be able to use simple spells like Accio and Silencio, and to ride brooms and play Quidditch.
3. Unfinished Angel- The little Swish town setting is so beautiful, and Senora Divino's ravioli sounds good :) The angel is really funny, too, and Zola and the orphans are glorious chaos.
4. The Lord of the Rings series- Middle Earth is beautiful, especially the Shire. I would live in a house under a hill, but I might be too tall :). Gondor would be cool, the whole city is really cool and I feel like I could explore forever.
5. Any Cathy Cassidy book- Her books are always so detailed, the settings so vivid and gorgeous, the problems so real, and the guys so dreamy... Every character is relatable and real, and her books are are some of my favorites.
6. Oh, The Places You'll Go- The worlds and landscapes are so ridiculous that I can't help wanting to be there in person. I could invent my own words, tackle obstacles as big as my imagination, and take in every detail with wides eyes, mouth agape.
7. The Bible- Some of the stories told are truly amazing, and I would want to experience them firsthand. Jesus's miracles were so cool, and some of the Old Testament feats were awesome.
8. The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series- Wolf, Torak, and Renn are, like, the awesomest people ever, and Wolf isn't even a person. It would be cool seeing what Clan I would be in, and how the way of life would be. I love the outdoors, fishing, and animals, so that setting would be perfect for me!
Thanks for the fun tag, Kendra! I tag:
. Adria
. Kiki
. Twinkle Toes
. The Cornet Crazie
. Golden Eagle
. Elrania
. Emma
. Nahla of the Eastern Winds
Sorry if you've already been tagged, and enjoy!


  1. Thanks! I think going to Middle Earth would be amazing too.

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