Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dropping In...

I hope you didn't miss me too much ;)

i feel suckish for neglecting the WNMP lately, and I'm sorry. I've just been utterly consumed with, I admit it, Polyvore. I'm obsessed. It's unhealthy, really; I need treatment or something. And I have news to share. But first, we dance.
[seriously, I need you to get up and get down right this second. Do it. {I did ;)}]

Oiw, I think I got wiplash. Ouch.

Firstly, today was Field Day, and we won every tug of war I competed in. The seventh graders beat the sixth graders, the girls beat the guys, my homeroom beat the other homeroom, and the seventh grade girls beat the ENTIRE SIXTH GRADE. It was kind of sad on their part.
Secondly, the last day of school is tomorrow. Which means, the best year of my grade-school life is over. Next year, I'll be on top of the school, and I'll have responsibilities. Yeuch. The award ceromony is tomorrow, and I feel really good about it :)
Thirdly, I'll have to take another big break, because I'm leaving for my European vacation on Sunday. We're hitting up Paris, Croatia, and Ireland! I've been brushing up on my foreign insults lately, and I'm up to 5 languages... what trouble can I get into? ;) I'm so excited, but we'll be more or less cut off from America. I plan on buying tons of postcards.
Last, but not least, the Power of the Pen State Finals were two weeks ago. The prompts were fantastic, I wrote amazingly, and I even made it to the prestigious fourth "Power Round." Unfortunately, my only teammate who made it to state didn't ): I poured my soul into my stories, and came out with... 10th place! At state. Out of 3,500 original competitors, and 355 students at state level. I'm still in shock.

I really hope I am back.


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