Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tags :)

Just doing some tags from Adria:
Makeup Tag
What is your fave color lipstick- purple, red, pink, none, lipgloss?
pink or lipgloss

What color eyeshadow would you wear?
I wear blue, pink, tan, or grey
Would you wear mascara or eyeliner?
I wear both, but mascara if i had to choose
What color blush?
pink, i suppose
Nail polish- purple, black, green, blue, red, or pink?
any of them! black the most, though
Cookie Tag
What is your favorite cookie?
chocolate chip!
What is your least favorite?
M&M or peanut butter
How many cookies can you eat in one sitting?
usually 3 or 4, but i could have 5-10 Oreos ;)
Make up a cookie!
chocolate bombs!
Have you ever made that before?
Yes.... :)
You see an army of angry cookies coming at you. What do you do?
give them all big hugs! gain their trust, then eat them in the night!

I tag whoever wants to do one!