Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School. What can I say?

My first day of 8th grade was on Monday, and so far it's not too bad (: There's a lot to remember and a lot of responsibility, but my friends make it worth it (:
Sooo. I like this boy. He sits across from me in the class where we can goof off the most, so we're pretty much stifling giggles through the whole period. He's so great. He's funny, sweet, and cute, and generally perfect (: He's way taller than me, though, but that's fine with me!

Also, I'm spending more and more time with Steven these days. He said I was his best friend (: But he's kind of clingy. I love him to death, but sometimes it's a bit much. He's hilarious though (: We have Jersey Shore nicknames (he's "The Ordeal" and I'm "The Circumstance"), and we play Silent Library a lot. Plus, his taste in music is impeccable. If I ever need a new artist, I go to him straight away.

It's soccer season again! Yay! I can actually get excersize now!

I think I'll do a daybook, just because (: But I can't upload the picture, because my photo uploader thingy is lame ):


  1. I'm starting 8th grade in... 13 days. Sounds like fun :)