Monday, August 30, 2010

this is getting annoying -.-

Gahh. I have so much homework it is ridiculous.

Lots of things have happened since Friday. I'll start with Saturday morning.
Saturday morning, I had a soccer game about an hour away from my house. I played really well, but the other team was vicious. They pushed, shoved, kicked, elbowed, and tripped pretty much all of our players at least once. It was insane! But... we won. 5-0 (:
After the game, we drove through the nearby college that my parents went to and had lunch. We bought t-shirts from the campus bookstore, then came home. Saturday night, my dad, sister, and I went to a major league baseball game that our friend had tickets to. The seats were right behind first base and a little to the right. It was so awesome! Our team lost, though, but we had loads of fun (:

On Sunday, my sister and her two friends invited me to go thrifting at Goodwill with them. Naturally, I agreed. I found this shiny silver tank top for only four dollars there. Then, we went over to Kohl's, where I got a Goonies t-shirt a million sizes too big. But it's so amazing, and would look killer with a red belt as a dress XD We got shakes at Sonic, then came home. My sister got sick that evening, so we ate dinner without her outside. I showered, did my homework, and went to bed a little early.
At around midnight, woke up with terrible pains in the stomach area. My mom thought it might have been apendicitis, but she wasn't sure. In the meantime, we had absolutely no medicine to help me and I couldn't fall asleep because of the pain. Eventually, though, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until seven. I still felt pretty crappy, so I slept in until about eight, and my dad took me to school late. He had been pretty sick, too, since Saturday afternoon, so he was coughing and sneezing the whole way there. I got through most of the day alright, but I skipped soccer practice. At about two this afternoon, my throat started hurting like crazy! It still does. And I had twenty pounds of homework to do, which I still haven't finished.

So now, my dad, my sister, and I are all sick, my mom isn't home from work yet, and it's like a million degrees outside :/

I have a soccer game tomorrow, though, so wish me luck! And I still have some Blogoversary planning to do.... :D


  1. Wow! Hope you and your family gets better soon. Good luck in your soccer game!

    PS I also just started a photography contest on my blog and I was wondering in you'd like to enter.


  2. We're all better, for the most part! Thank you, we won 6-0 (: In the second half, we didn't try as hard, though, because we found out the other team was all seventh graders, and we're all eight.

  3. PS. I see if I can think of something for your contest! Hmm, without... (:

  4. I read your comment on my blog. I'd love to make the prizez for your blogoversary. I think that's a good idea- a header/background for first prize, and either a header or a background (offer the winner a choice) for second prize.

  5. Huzzah! Thank you so much, I was thinking the same thing (: