Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is freaking post 100! Yay! And I've been on Blogger for almost one whole year! Insanity!!
So, in about one month, it will be my blogaversary :D
I need IDEAS, people. Something totally awesome to celebrate you, me, and my blogaversary! It can be anything, a contest, a 100-things-about-me, ANYTHING. If it is a contest, though, prizes I can give you are limited, unless anyone has suggestions or wants to volunteer to make something for the winner, like a button, header, etc.

Also, I feel horrible for never posting things on this lovely blog, soo I'm going to try to be on more often! For now, I'll say a post a week, maybe more? Sounds good to me, and totally easy (that's what I say now!).

Anyway, I can't believe I've made 100 posts! It seems like so much less. Rahh, I'm getting old! It's already been almost a whole year! Totes ridic. Thanks so much to all of my followers. I wouldn't have lasted 100 posts without you! And welcome to all the new followers, I think there might be a few... (:

I'm siked for my blogaversary, and I hope you are, too (: I'll probably do one more post, then off to do homework :P I started school this week! More about that to come.

For now,


  1. I just had my blogoversary too. I'm going to have a photography contest to celebrate. Maybe you could do a writing contest, or a photo contest... I don't know. Happy soon to be blogoversary, though!


  2. Blogoversary... I knew I was spelling it wrong, haha. I would really like to do a contest, but I'm not sure what the prize would be... Thank you!

  3. I could make the winner something like a header/background/etc. I'm just starting out with designing blogs, though.

  4. That would be awesome! When I set up the contest on my blogoversary, I'll but a link to your blog saying that you'll make the prize? Thanks again, just let me know if you change your mind or anything (: