Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am winter.

I just found a story thing I wrote in February about winter that I totally forgot about.
Seeing as it SNOWED last night for the first time this year, I thought it was appropriate (:

I step out into the glittering unknown. I pull my trapped hat down over my ears and rub my pink cheeks. I am in awe. Even in the treachery and danger that an ice storm, beauty is everywhere. The trees glisten and sway, the sound of their crackling branches resonating for eternities. The ground is sparkling, and each blade of grass is individually coated in a thick ice-shell, encased in the safety of its glass covering, cut off from the outside world. I run my freezing fingers over the smooth, cold wall lining the path. As I tip-toe through this forest, the eerie coolness and prickling air fill me. I become winter. I carry snow with me, and every step, new, fresh ice forms where my boot once treaded.
Though I leave trails of beauty, the frozen death I bring is noticed. Leaves no longer dance from the tall tree limbs; birds no longer sing songs of joy. The leaves now crunch under my feet, the birds only singing of sorrow. Their somber calls rarely pierce the silence, however. Only the echoes of love lost punctuate the fierce, chilling winds. I am winter. And I am not welcome.

That last part is only partly true, because I kind of love winter. Not the cold, but the pretty snow, hot chocolate, cookies, fires, not to mention Christmas!
Alas, I now need to study for exams. I think I might be dead by the time winter break rolls around. Stay cool, kiddos. That shouldn't be a problem (;

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