Thursday, November 19, 2009

hola frijoles pequenas.

Hello little beans.
Oprah's ending her talk show?!

*ehem...* im getting a really good start to my novel. i recently found these really great methods to developing novel plots. it has really helped me to understand my novel better and start my first bits.
it is basically a 3-step process:
1. Write a one sentence summary of your novel.
2. Expand the sentence into a paragraph.
3. Expand the paragraphy into an essay-type deal. Roughly five paragraphs works.

MY steps (discluding step 3 for obvious reasons [it would be too long;])
1. An abandoned elf is lost in the world of the Fey after living with humans all her life.
2. Plum Dalton lived with humans all her life. Suddenly, when she is fifteen years old, she is transported to the world of the Fey, discovering that she is truly an elf. After meeting her real family and learning about her past, she realizes that she is not ready for life with fairies, centaurs, and nymphs, and must get "home." With the help of her best friend, she finds the wanderer owning the powder needed to change realms. In the end, she lives in both worlds equally and gains a sense of true belonging.

it is a work-in-progress but its getting there.
novel help care of <-- check it out! in other news, today i witnessed a boy getting dragged BY THE HEAD into a dark hallway. it sounds horrible, but it was the funniest thing! neither kid was in pain; it was all fun. but all i saw was two hands holding this kid's head and dragging him on the floor, with his legs slowly sliding in and mild writhing with shouts of horror. Ha-ha. i know, im terrible. wow this post is long...

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