Sunday, November 22, 2009

I was rubbing a half-full mug of hot cocoa on my arms to stay warm; it was literally that freezing here. Watching ‘House Hunters International’ while blogging in my gangster pants with my old glittery “Save Fashion, Wear Juicy” shirt on was working wonders for my self esteem. Ha-ha. Friday nights at my house are a real treat. But I was saved soon; my favorite cousins from the land of Cleve arrived!!
we saw New Moon, which was better than the first one, and every time Jacob black came on, after he cut his hair of course, i just wanted to pet his gorgeous face. and his muscles XD. Edward looked really gross when he was in Italy and was about to step into the sunlight. *shudders*
it was funny though because we were all wearing the exact same Ugg boots in different colors and people kept staring at our feet! it was awesome. il upload pictures once my cousin puts them on facebook.

oh, and i couldn't do teen girls daybook amidst all the excitement, so I'll do it today(:

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