Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Tuesday Night

I am sitting on the floor of my room with a shower cap on and a concoction of prescription shampoos fermenting on my head. Don't worry, it's just a scalp infection. Scalp infection?! Apparently i'm alergic to comercially sold hairspray-paint. Figures. WHY AM I CURSED?! I finally got up the courage to come blog; before i wasnt showing my face out of my room, but my laptop was downstairs. So, I darted. Only Cailin saw me, and I supose when someone's seen you at your worst, you don't have to put up such a mask with them. AHH the shampoo dripped on my shoulder! ColdColdCold.
I wonder if my scalp's done marinating. Where's my mom? It's been half an hour since i put on this five-ten minute hair doom. Goodbye, blog. I'm taking a shower.

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