Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh, Cristmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree!

I can almost hear the golden ballerina saying, “I vaunt to be next to mi amour!” as I place her gingerly by the lopsided snowman. Her smile gets one watt brighter, if possible, but I might have imagined that.
After I’ve moved Santa-bears away from Santa-cats, princesses closer to princes, and cowboys under wild animals, I stand back to admire my handiwork. The tree glistens in a rainbow of lights, but I can’t help notice the small patch of blank, uncovered green near the top.
A tiny voice inside my head starts whispering, “Over here! Here!” A little rabbit sits alone on the dining room table with wide eyes and a hopeful expression. He looks perfect in the place of honor.

My Christmas tree is up at last, and not a moment too soon! Christmas fever has been spreading through my family all day. My sister and I worked on our wish lists today, and I started on my ‘give list’. I’m so very excited, also because St. Nicholas Day is next Saturday, December 5! Or is it the 6… I don’t care! I just know it’s soon. And that is enough for me (:

Christmas is in: 28 days.


  1. I can't wait til Christmas too! My family doesn't put up the tree until mid-December, but we leave it up until I think February or whenever the day of the three kings is.

  2. My family has like one full sized tree, one medium tree, and a few small trees, and they have themes. the one in our kitchen has berry garland, food ornaments, and cooking tool ornaments. our main one in the family room is the rainbow-lighted miscellanious one, and in our dining room is a white and silver-themed one. its really pretty!