Friday, October 23, 2009

Author of the Week

I think i might start doing authors of the week. it may not stick, but i'll give it a try.

the week of: 10/19/09
Cristina Garcia
This Cuban-born novelist and journalist was born on July 4, 1958. Of her few books, such as Dreaming in Cuban, the Augero Sisters, Monkey Hunting, and A Handbook to Luck, I Wanna Be You Shoebox is my favorite.
Cristina Garcia was born in Havanna to a Cuban mother and a Guatemalan father. In 1961, her family was one of the first to flee Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power. She moved to New York and grew up in Queens, Brooklyn Heights, and Manhattan. She bounced between college and journalism, and in 1990 she ended her job at Time Magazine to write novels full-time. Her first novel, Dreaming in Cuban, was published in 1992. Garcia currently lives in Los Angeles with her daughter Pilar.

Sometimes it tears me up to look out the window... Even out here in the great American suburbs. It's the little things that get to me. Those wildflowers there coming up in your grandmother's rock garden, beating the odds to warm themselves in the sun. Or the birds fighting to get past the netting on her pear trees. Or the sky looking so big and bruised, you think it'll never heal. Sometimes i gotta turn away from so much life because I'll miss it too much.
--I Wanna Be Your Shoebox--

any suggestions for next week's writer?

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