Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the daily grind of middle school life

so todays lunch buzz was our lame-o math test that made NO sense whatsoever. mr. C is a terrible horrible iky explainerman. he didnt teach us half the stuff on the quiz, and then refused to answer our questions. WACKK.
in other news: at recess katie and i mapped out our whole leprechaun community that we are going to build once we get a petition from the M-town Council to tear down the fence by the blacktop. we cant even pick clovers): oh wellz. the clover lovers society will live on! (theyre my favorite weed=)
when i told abbie she could join if she went through the intense screening, katie oked it. then after abbie did a dance, i said "Pas-!" and katie yelled "FAILED!" and then her and gracie tormented abbie all through band class. me and meghan were discussing it at science. they dont even give abbie a chance! shes so nice and funny, but they just put her down all the time.
hmm. i recently found out my dads car got broken into 2 days ago!! and my friend down the street said her car was broken into also. they only took loose change, though, even though my dad had a $50 magellan gps in his car, and my friend had a $50 bag of dog found in her trunk. they arent smart robbers.

so.... how was your day? :D


  1. hi! i love clover too. and my math teacher is cuckoo too! she stomps her stilletos on the ground when she wants our attention and thinks shes so funny. like today she was teaching us about one and two step equations, and it was 3x+9=66 and she said, 'u have to get x alone{then she raised and lowered her eyebrows in creepy manner}, ALL ALONE'
    a few years ago our car was almost broken into, and my drunk neighbor drove another one of our cars up into our tree, he smashed it up. and 3 times some ppl slammed their cars into our brand new automatically closing and opening garage doors, and now they dont work. :(
    ps the leprechaun thing sounds AWESOME! so does abbie
    - Kinga

  2. haha the leprachauns, abbie, and clovers are awesome! when Mr. C wants our attention, he yells "shut the hell up!" and we go to a catholic school. then he says that he had to resort to that because wer such a class of hooligans. and he thinks hes uber funny also, and always makes weird jokes. when i got braces, he said "remember: braces are temporary, beauty is forever." then winked at me. math teachers are creepers