Thursday, October 8, 2009

curse you, internet!

every 5 seconds when i click something, a stupid popup about random things pops up! one was about belly fat, another about cheap motels (why would i need a cheap motel?! [dont answer that...]), and another for some sexsite where you create a profile and meet people interested in sex with random strangers!

and on an unrelated note: my birthday is johnny appleseed day, and the day i was born was the biggest nuclear accident disaster Japan has ever had. i love you, wikipedia.
in other news: isnt it sad that our wars have side wars? what is the world coming to?

EEEEP we are getting a new fridge today. hopefully it doesnt leak or smell funky like our current one. apparently the man we bought our house from a year ago failed to mention that the fridge has autism (no offense intended)! it leaks, smells like death, and it cant despense cubed ice, only crushed. and its really scary to reach into the ice containment center because i dont know where to crushing blade is.... )':

♪i wish i could bring up a memory from ou-r pa-a-a-a-ast! To make you remember! all the FUN! we used to haaaaaaave!♫

ps. i now have THREE! followers! thanks guys!

four day weekend! four day weekend! no school to-day! or to-morrow! four day weekend!

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