Monday, October 12, 2009

Braces, etc.

I got my braces yesturday(: they didnt hurt as much as i thought they would, they're just a little sore. i like them. they are teal and cute.

The only sound was her footsteps as she walked down the hard path. She didn't belong here; with her stiletos and minidress. She walked right past the old man, who shot her a toothless grin. She wrapped her coat more tightly around her. Someone gave a long, low wolf whistle. She shivered. This alley was for the vagabond, those who didn't have, or need a home. But she had business here today. The early morning air felt tight. She thought about turning back, but she couldn't. This was too important. She felt the gun weighing heavily in her purse. She knew what she had to do.


  1. wow that paragraph at the end was great! :)

  2. the story u wrote sounds really interesting. i love these types of story that have mysteries or crimes..nice job!