Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i cried today

today i found out that my grandma had a heart attack in july and no one told me. shes still alive, but shes been on an oxygen tank for a while. she has cardio-empathy or cardio-mapathy or something. i really want to know about her life, because what my mom has told me it was amazing, but she only speaks Croatian, with a few english phrases like 'i love you.' oh darn im starting to tear up....

its funny, i started this blog not expecting to write about much, or even to have followers. but now i understand why people say it is easier to tell your biggest secrets and fears to complete strangers. because they wont judge you. they dont know your life, and you might discover you have something in common that you would never know about them if u hadnt shared your innermost feelings.
Now im going to work on my novel.

you'll notice that i cry alot :\


  1. thats so sad, i hope your grandma will get better!

  2. shes 87, so i guess its her time )':

  3. Awwww I'm so sorry about your grandma!!! *hugs you*