Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poem for Treble Clef's contest

i wrote this poem when i was 11 and entered it in the Cornet Crazie's Treble Clef poem contest. hope you like it!

As I gaze
Upon the fish,
I remember
My only wish.
As they swim
To and fro,
I think about
Your radiant glow.
The way you laughed
At all my jokes;
Fighting back tears,
I try not to choke.

This aquarium
Holds so many memories;
From the sharks
To the sea anemones.
My open hand
Against the cool glass case,
Longing for
your warm embrace.
And as I sit here,
All alone,
I think about how
You didn’t answer your phone.

Now I realize
I should make a choice:
To wait so long
To hear your voice,
Or to go and find
A different path;
Find a new love.
You do the math.

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