Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New story

here's what i have so far:

The ______s were the most powerful, most esurient family in Chicago. Samuel ______ I owned the LaSalle Hotel, but disappeared mysteriously after the LaSalle Hotel fire in 1946. Since he was presumed dead, his son, Samuel _____ II inherited a large estate and millions of dollars. Exactly 20 years later, Sammy II disappeared also, under mysterious circumstances. So, the Great _____ Inheritance went to Samuel _____ III.

a few things id like to know:
1. some suggestions for the last name. i was thinking Ashworth?
2. where do i go from here?

i know what i want to story to be about, a plucky aspriring detective who is Sam III's daughter, wants to learn about her family's mysterious past, discovers what Really happened to her grand/great-grandfather. Mystery. many dangers, maybe- killed by the mob, went into hiding because of a secret, or.... ?

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