Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meow (:

i finally got a dress for the wedding next friday! il post a pic later. but ya knoww whats gonna ruin the dress?? im getting braces on monday )': they better not hurt. grrr
random facts: i collect business cards. TAKE THAT, SOCIETY!
beauty is in the eye of the canmera lense.

if God could walk the Earth, he would find it a far different planet than when it was Created. but He would see that some things stayed Pure; the majestic mountains, rolling hills, crashing waterfalls, and babbling streams. He would see that the trees still whispered dreams, and that the animals still lived with hidden wisdom, the owl's quiet observation, the deer's silent wandering, and Creation's calm waiting... the only difference, the corruption of Man.


  1. You're getting braces? I just got mine like a month and a half ago. Believe me, for the first few days they hurt A LOT. Especially if you get a new wire put on. You won't be able to chew stuff without pain. But you'll get used to it. Also they might rub onto your gums/cheek and they hurt a lot so if you get wax from the orthodontist use it! LOL
    Plus I looked a lot better in braces than I did before so don't worry about that, most people look great in them.
    Also... how did you get so many followers for your blog so fast?

  2. thanks for the advice, im not a big gum-chewer anyway, so thats good. i really think i will look better with braces.
    and to get so many followers, i just follow a lot of blogs. well, not a ton, but make sure you include lots of things in your profile, and follow, follow, follow! i think i follow about 8 blogs?

  3. Ok thanks. I remember the first day I had braces all I could eat was mashed potatoes. Even noodles hurt too much! Also will you be getting an expander on top(I did and I hope you don't have to, you won't be able to talk too well and it's going to hurt even more and all your food will get stuck in there)?
    Also they will use a disgusting thing to do something in your mouth, I forget what, before they glue the braces on, it tastes horrible. Just to give you the heads-up. And you may want to pig out on caramel and apples before tomorrow!
    Best of luck

  4. im not sure what im getting, all i know is that my bottom teeth are too crowded, but i have a slight (understatement) overbite. its not ugly or anything, but in order to put braces on my bottom row, the have to lift my top row. mehh.