Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What is a very interesting fact about you? i once had toxic synovitis a longg time ago. it wasnt serious though (:
What are two things in this world that you love very much? my chihuahua sandy and..... my friends
What is the last thing you ate?An amazing rice crispy treat i made :D
Who is your favorite book/movie character? Torak and Wolf, from chronicles of ancient darkness, scarlett from scarlette, and Po from kung fu panda haha
What is your favorite color? peaceful, calm colors like green and blue
Are you random? scenery changes scare me... YES
Do you have a totem animal? like on a totem pole? a bear
How many people follow your main blog?Only 2......
What is your favorite animal? otters
Down-Hill or Cross-country skiiing? i've never skiied sadly
Soda or water?Water. i finish a bottle a day and only drink soda at restaurants or parties
Weekends vs. school days? school days right after i get off the bus. no parents, no worries. 3 hours of me time
Trees or flowers? trees. cant sit in/under a flower :)
What is your favorite movie? 500 days of summer i suppose
What is your favorite book? it varies by subject
How long have you been on Blogger for? less than a month. i had a blog a LONg time ago but lost it...
Who are you going to tag? i have no one to tag ): haha they've all already been tagged

i guess i tag kevin?

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