Sunday, October 11, 2009


... and by ORF i mean the Ohio Renaisance Festival! yayyy.... it was so much fun! i really wanted to get glow in the dark cat ears and a panpipe so i could prance around in the dark playing melancholy tunes, but THAT didn't happen. but i did get a magic wand and a pinkie ring(: and on the way home, there was a perfect slice of rainbow hanging high in the sky in a patch of cloudless blue flawlessness.
Question: What should i be for halloween, guys?! i was thinking either a) the mad hatter [alice in wonderland], b) a punky/edgy ballerina, or c) any idea you come up with!


  1. ooh mad hatter! only because my techer is obsessed with alice in wonderland(hes a guy) and last year for halloween he dressed up as alice. freaky!!!

  2. It seams that you enjoyed your day haha
    lucky you, I'm ill at home ¬¬

  3. sounds like u had fun at the for halloween costumes... im not too sure, dress up as whatever you like!