Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Eep! I'm free!
OMfrappingG. if i explained it to you, it wouldn't sound to bad. but trust me, if you were stuck in a science lab with an insanely monotone woman who pronounces color as "collar" for 45 minutes, you would draw cartoon radishes too. me and meg maintained our sanity by playing with blocks and making faces every time the teacher called me Bre. is Breanne so long you have to shorten it to Bre? and her monotonous little voice lingers on the E and gives it a sound of finality that makes you think her sentence is over when it isn't. i enjoyed the poster exclaming "The Magic of Ice" though. ((sigh)) do i really care about phosphates and turbidity?

but I'm free, free, free. and its snowing. with 50 mph winds. cross your appendages and hope it sticks.


  1. Sounds a LOT like Chicago today... all day the winds were literally screming outside, and it was snowing. Right now its snaowing like crazy, and we've got a bunch on the ground. Hope it sticks!

  2. Our winds were screaming too! Well, whistling. Shrieking? All during classes poeple were staring out the windows, which sounded like they were going to shattered into the room!

  3. Thanks for your comment! Cool banner :)
    -The Trendy Fashionista