Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowy Day Stories

Today was the first snow of the year! and with it came many odd adventures involving mailboxes, art projects, and icy trechery.
When i woke up, i noticed the snow outside my window. it wasnt much, but it was SNOW! On my way to school, the roads were so icy and the truck in front of us was slipping and sliding into the side ditch. it was hilarious. but pertaining to the immense traffic, i was fifteen minutes late even when taking a detour. but the secretary told me no one was late today because of the ice (ice baby). Sorry, i had to!
to make matters worse, as soon as i walked into homeroom, i realized that i had left my art project (a self-portrait of myself, pics eventually) on my dining room table. Whoopee. so i went to the office to call mi madre.
i punched in her oh so complicated phone number, and this is what i heard:

Me: "doo dee doo dum dum..."
(phone is answered)
Call Reciever: "Heh."
Me: "Mom?"
CR: "Whah?"
Me: "Hello?"
CR: Hollo?"
Me: "Mom, Hello?"
CR: "Mah? Holla."

Apparently, i had called a mexican child by mistake. Huh. i hung up when i realized what had happened, while the ghost-pale kid waiting behind me was sweating and breathing heavily with some kind of spur-of-the-moment illness that came about, what, twenty minutes ago? so i redial and get mother dearest's voicemail. after leaving the shortest, sweetest message i can manage and trudge back to class.
After one step into the door, my teacher says, "Breanne, back down," holding the envelope for the office out to me. my job this week was to be the unpaid pageboy, running down 3 flights of stairs to get the delivery to the office ASAP, then running BACK UP equally as fast so as not to miss first period. The secretary told me my mom was coming soon when i gave her the envelope, so that was a load off.
school was great, i made lotsa people laugh, and my art project arrived safely! (claps for self) but science class was crazy. this one kid, we'll call him Nicolas, really wanted to hold the chinchilla. so, me, meg, and lex tried to grab the chinchilla, Eore, out of his 3-level cage. lex got him up to the third layer, and was about to grab him when he jumped onto the floor. people were screaming and slamming the doors so he couldnt excape, while we all ran around trying to catch this little gray wisp of fur. lex finally managed to catch him after he ran under a cabinet. she gave it to me, and i TRIED to show dear nicky how to hold it. guess what, animal-lovers? he dropped it.
i caught him again from behind Mrs. C's desk, and gave him to nick again (probably not my best idea). bet you can't assume what came next. He dropped it again. but, wait for it.... i caught it while it was in the air. with one hand. (cheers) Yay! then i didnt trust nick enough (neither did Eore), so i kept the little trooper. nicolas almost started crying because the chinch didnt like him, so i told him chinchillas were afraid of dogs, and it smelled his dog. that made him feel much better.

ok, back on topic. when my mom picked me up, all the snow had melted, and you would have never guessed all that chaos had been caused. Mommy told me that a school bus had gotten stuck on a hill, and made tracks in the grass. the school bus recovery team (for lack of a better name) had to take out the mailbox to save the bus and get the little urchins to school. so, we dont have a mailbox until "the people'' pay for us to replace it. wow, this post is geting long.
needless to say, the snow didnt stick, and now we are stuck back in a sunny damp holiday just like last year. ((sigh)) cross your fingers. we need snow. Woe is me.

Thanks for listening,


  1. Wow! In Chicago, we had our first STICKING snow. There was like an inch in the morning, and it's still here now. Yay!
    I once did the same thing, I mean I called some Mexican instead of my mom. :)

  2. your so lucky! i've called Mexicans on numerous occasions, and have been known to impersonate them for prank calls.