Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Love the Killers

the Killers are my new favorite band, along with All-American Rejects and the Ting Tings.
you can find a Killers song for almost every moment of your life! having a Febreze War? Smile Like You Mean It. it is upbeat and you definately smile. getting into a fight at school? Spaceman. also upbeat, but like a lot of their songs has a hint of sadness to it that makes you want to stare out a window with a pity-worthy look on your face. thinking about someone? Romeo and Juliet. its sweet and makes a hint of a smile attach to your face. running through a field? Sam's Town. i could go on. just listen to them, and you'll fall in love. they make you feel like the only thing is music and you're free to be. when you're listening to them, the world melts around you and you think about things inspiring and wonderful. they are my inspiration. someday i am making a movie with only their music.

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