Sunday, December 13, 2009

Teen Girl's Daybook Week 5

OMG! yesturday in all the excitement of getting ready for our Christmas party i COMPLETELY forgot about the daybook! don't hate me.

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Date... Saturday, December 13, 2009
Starting time... 12:55 PM
Mood... excited
Outside my window... the creek is 10 feet wide
I'm thinking... about the cupcakes to be decorated at Grace's
I'm reading... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
I'm listening to... the heater. and its still freezing in here!
I'm wearing... skinny jeans, argyle socks, white cami,
forever21 black top, pink aeropostale sweatshirt
Yesterday, I... had a Febreze war!
I'm excited for... decorating cupcakes
I'm sad because... this song is so amazing but has a hint of grief. it gives me this wierd feeling that i love in the middle of my stomach.
I'm hungry for... cuppcakesss
The song stuck inside my head is... a Killers song that i dont know the name to
I want... a cupcake
I love... cupcakes
I loathe... the need to pee
This week, my goal is... to finish HP5
Did I meet last week's goal?... not at all ):
Ending time... 1:00 PM

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