Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Post of 2009!

I'm so excited for the New Year! I thought 2009 was amazing, but according to my yearly horoscope, I just went through bad years. And 2010 is going to be much better for me! I didn't think the last few years were bad, but now looking back I guess they were kind of hard. But now I'm stronger, deeper, and much more mature. I can't wait to see what next year has in store. Apparently, people will be drawn to me- friends, family, and classmates- at random points through the year. That sounds awesome; more attention for me (I get overlooked... a lot)

Here are some amazing New Year's Eve dresses that I wish I was wearing tomorrow:
(the third and fourth pictures I designed on my account is HereIsYourVerse)
But I'm actually wearing (probably) a sparkly sequined top from Forever 21, dark skinny jeans, a dark gray cami, and either black flats or grey wrinkled ankle boots. Is anyone wearing something glam and fabulous? Preferably silver, preferably sequined (;

Let's all blow out 2009 with a bang and welcome 2010 with a louder one, the start of a new decade and even more fond memories and adventures.
Happy New Year!
PS. It's also the year I turn 13!!

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